Dead: Cause of Death…. Expectations

The phrase “Life is short” is used by all and sundry, even kids now know how to say “Life is short”… When the going gets a little tough, people find solace in the age old phrase, and in trying to justify their sometimes crazy actions, people go.. “Oh Life is short”…. My question is do people really think that Life is short because we utter a few words in the same sentence? Do you think because you say life is short, it (life) automatically becomes short? I have been thinking, what makes Life really short? Is it Living? Its like striking a match to a candle… The moment you light it up, its “life” gets shorter…. Because of the fact that its made of wax…. Its life span reduces with every strike of the match…. You see I have wondered how similar we are to candles, the moment a candle is lit, its expectation is to shine brightly, especially in a situation where its the only source of light… The candle’s silent determination to shine is probably its undoing…. The more it shines, the more its “Life” gets shortened…. Moving away from that allusion, I return to my thoughts…… What really makes Life short?……
The world is made up of people, the people of the world who have died up until now have either been killed by other people or their expectations of what could happen to people or them… In the end, it all boils down to people…. Have you ever noticed how concerned a person who is on their death bed pays the little attention they can afford to the people around them??? Sometimes, this “attention” to people end up being the key to their eventual survival, other times, they die thinking too much of these people who in some cases are praying they die so they won’t have to waste time on trips to and fro the hospital…. (Forgive my morbid thoughts, but you’ll find its true)….. You see, when you place too much value on something, you think about it. When you think about it, you expect that it goes the way you want it to, be it human or material… The reliance on the expectations you have could prove deleterious to one as a human being, because expectations that never get fulfilled see one to an unexpected end….. I’d say the best thing is not to expect anything at all…. Like some would say, “Live one day at a time”…. Yea, that’s easier said than done, especially if you are really living to leave your mark…. I have no antidote for the ailment of “expecting”… I can only say, expect less, and live longer…. In the end, power could be restored, and the ambition of the candle to shine brightly could be ended with just a wisp of air from anywhere…… That’s that with the morning’s rant….. Cheers.

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