Hi 2014. Bye 2014

Let me begin this post by saying what I always think at the beginning of a post but never type out, “How do I begin this rant?”, there, typed it. Well, technically I have already started to rant, I mean, I have already typed a full sentence, okay, enough of the small talk, let me get to the purpose of this rant.
I am fully aware of myself at the point of posting this blog, so if you somehow stumble on this and find I talked about you, you were in my thought.
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So long 2013

I think it has now become a big deal for me to write an “Open letter” (Twitter type) to every passing year. Ok, before 2012, I did all that in my diary, now I am here. Its always a great feeling when one makes it to the final days of a year, considering the fact that not everyone made it to the tail end, I think there is every reason to be thankful. The world (and being a Nigerian) might not be as we would have liked it to be, but people like me are glad to at least have a fighting chance while we breath… Thank God for mercies.
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