Do You Really Need Friends?

It is a day of festivities for muslim brothers and sisters world over and I do hope its been a good one so far. This evening I have decided to explore a topic that has played out for so long in my head but has not really found its way out. I think the reason I have held back from writing on this is the cliche nature of the topic, as well as its propensity to bore anyone who reads it; but every dog has its day, so here it is.

What is friendship? I am not really going to bother myself with reeling out a dictionary definition, I am just going to define it in layman’s terms, the way I have felt it, the way it is.
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As the tears roll down my cheeks I try to remind myself that I had before now made a silent vow never to speak of all things connected to my feelings ever again; I recall the silent determination in my heart when I muttered the words to myself, “never again”. Sometimes we make resolutions that we never see to fuition, set goals we may never achieve and have dreams that may never come to life.

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Born to Die

ImageThe past week has been a mixture of highs and lows for me, having shed tears uncontrollably one day after the other, and found what looked like a new life during this time, i’d say I have been living a a page out of a novel. Some people are so beautiful inside and outside that the thought of anything bad happening to them could rip one to shreds emotionally. I remember my days in what my mother began to call “The land of the unknown”, where I had no family, no friends, no one to call my own, save the federal government run parastatal that brought me there. These people, bless their hearts, took me in, they fed me, they burned their fuel for me, they took care of me. They had no prior knowledge of who I was, they were not weary of the fact that I was an eerily quiet young person who loved my own company so much, they tried all they could to bring me out into the light, during what I thought was my darkest hour. They cared for me.  Continue reading