Take Me To Church. Never Mind

I recently (yes, just recently) fell in love with Simply Three’s cover version of Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church. Listening to the overwhelming sounds of the cellos and violins actually made me look up the lyrics of the actual song. It’s a powerful song that sort of describes how I have felt these past few days of 2016. A lot has happened already, and I usually feel overwhelmed whenever I play the song. I always remember to be grateful for music, because without it, i’d be truly dead on the inside.

For me 2016 started on quite a low, then high note. I was so happy, thinking I would get a fresh start away from mistakes that had plagued me from years before, but they came pouring in as strong as ever, almost shattering me, and further proving that indeed a part of me had really died. Continue reading




As the tears roll down my cheeks I try to remind myself that I had before now made a silent vow never to speak of all things connected to my feelings ever again; I recall the silent determination in my heart when I muttered the words to myself, “never again”. Sometimes we make resolutions that we never see to fuition, set goals we may never achieve and have dreams that may never come to life.

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So long 2013

I think it has now become a big deal for me to write an “Open letter” (Twitter type) to every passing year. Ok, before 2012, I did all that in my diary, now I am here. Its always a great feeling when one makes it to the final days of a year, considering the fact that not everyone made it to the tail end, I think there is every reason to be thankful. The world (and being a Nigerian) might not be as we would have liked it to be, but people like me are glad to at least have a fighting chance while we breath… Thank God for mercies.
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No Title. None.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with just a footstep, I say a journey of a thousand miles can be ended with just the slip of a foot. For months I shied away from the things that seemed destructive, I held back from the thirst to run wild, yes I did. Almost choking on my own saliva, I had waited with bated breath for Nirvana that never came.
The pain had been real, the sadness heart wrenching, there were nights when I had thought I would empty my soul on my pillow, tears blinding my eyes from thoughts that would not go away, the offspring of rejection that threatened to spell the end of me. I was valiant in my battle to stay afloat, I cried to cry no more, pondered to think no more, locked myself up like a prisoner cast in solitary confinement. There was no venturing into that deep abyss called Love anymore, no thoughts of some knight in shining amour to save me from myself, it was just me, myself, and I.
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Born to Die

ImageThe past week has been a mixture of highs and lows for me, having shed tears uncontrollably one day after the other, and found what looked like a new life during this time, i’d say I have been living a a page out of a novel. Some people are so beautiful inside and outside that the thought of anything bad happening to them could rip one to shreds emotionally. I remember my days in what my mother began to call “The land of the unknown”, where I had no family, no friends, no one to call my own, save the federal government run parastatal that brought me there. These people, bless their hearts, took me in, they fed me, they burned their fuel for me, they took care of me. They had no prior knowledge of who I was, they were not weary of the fact that I was an eerily quiet young person who loved my own company so much, they tried all they could to bring me out into the light, during what I thought was my darkest hour. They cared for me.  Continue reading

Marissa’s Hell (II)


mariss“Let me flash a smile at him.. he sure cant resist me”… Omowunmi thought to herself, she had spied him from the back of the queue. He was tall, he had bulging biceps and he looked like he could carry two girls on his arms at once. Omowunmi had made up her mind to flirt with everything in trousers at camp, and no one was immune to that resolution. After standing at the back for almost thirty minutes, her feet had began to hurt as she had chosen to adorn her feet with the highest heels she could buy for camp. There is no way i am going to carry last! she had said to herself while shopping for camp, i cant be short and not try to help my matter. So as she strolled past the others who were in front of her aiming for the Adonis in front, Continue reading