For The People In Your Life

Put that phone down, the internet will not stop functioning without you, the scandals on twitter will not lose their momentum without your handle numbering every sub, tweets will trend, whether you are there or not, but will your family always be there? I think not.
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By Poisefreak,

Wednesday, August 28 2013


ImageWhen I was in primary school, I remember teachers repeatedly reminding us how much of a hope we were to our country, how the “children” were the hope of the future. Moving on to secondary school, I was told alongside other students that the youths are indeed the future of this country, and every passing day, we were taught every morning, at assembly, to represent our families in only ways that would dignify our nation. Those days are far behind me now, because I am no longer a child. I am no longer a child, not because I am in my 40’s or any advanced age, but because I have witnessed things contrary to all the teachings taught to me over time, and have come to realize that all my teachers ever taught me was to build hope in me, heavily relying on my childlike nature at the time. Life has taught me different now. Continue reading