Big Little Dilemmas


It’s a Sunday, and I am here on my bed thinking of how best to pass today’s message across. Not too distant is the sound of praise and worship being sung in the two churches close to where I live, reminding me that I am perhaps in the wrong place at the moment. Growing up, you dared not decide not to go to church, I mean, you would have to be down with a highly contagious ailment to get to skip church.
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The Role Of Courage in Self-Discovery


We all have trying times, moments when we feel inadequate and inept to face challenges that come our way. We often end up in a loop, trying to determine the next action to take, or the best place to hide in some cases. For a majority of people, the road to self discovery is wrought with a mixture of fear and uncertainty. We are saddled with the burden of defining ourselves, what makes us tick, what we want from life, and how to go about getting it. We assume that when the odds seem against us, the best alternative is to give up; but the truth is, giving up is never the answer.. There is more to you than you can readily see, and you would probably spend the rest of your life discovering new things about yourself.
Courage, is not necessarily the absence of fear, but it is the willingness to trudge on even when things look very bleak. Having courage is akin to discovering oneself. Be courageous enough to face your demons, to realize how important you are in the scheme of things, and to readily take up your role in it. The sooner you are able to embrace yourself, the better. You can only get others to believe in you when you have the courage to believe in yourself…. You can only believe in yourself when you have discovered yourself fully…… Courage!

“Belief is what…

“Belief is what keeps dreams alive.. Its fuel to the soul of all that is achievable. Do not expect someone else to believe in you when you can not believe in yourself.”
– poisefreak

Moody… I wish more people would believe that no matter how long it takes, you can realize your dreams if only you are able to work hard at it while keeping hope alive.