Social Media Marketing

By Poisefreak,
Thursday, January 9, 2014
ImageTo the average Nigerian, a social media platform is a virtual meeting place where old friendships are rekindled (and old flames too), a place where families meet up to chat and exchange photos, where friends are made, and where appearances are kept. In all ramifications, social media platforms have become communities in their own rights, and typically have evolved the way a normal community would. These days old generation companies, as well as the new ones, have established departments to take care of their social media presence. With the steady growth in the number of people that have access to the internet, it has become imperative to establish digital businesses that would reflect the values of the real time businesses out there. What makes a business thick in the battle for online supremacy? Social media marketing.Social media marketing still sounds like a strange combination of words to me, especially when one has to state it as an occupation. These days, more Nigerian youths have assumed the role of social media marketers, and have been paid handsomely doing so. Continue reading

FOLLOW BACKs : Much Ado about Nothing

Before I start let me say I have been on Twitter for a while now, having deactivated my initial account I had opened in 2009 to start from scratch in 2011, I think I have come a long way on the social network. Its not such a big deal really, since I still have less that a thousand and five hundred followers, but I had to say that. Twitter has evolved into one of the most intense social networks in the history of social network applications in the lives of the average Nigerian youth.

In fact, it has become so intense that some of its young users in Nigeria have literally carved a niche for themselves there, looking down their noses at older social networks such as Facebook, Hi5, and Badoo, to name a few. Continue reading

Marissa’s Hell (II)


mariss“Let me flash a smile at him.. he sure cant resist me”… Omowunmi thought to herself, she had spied him from the back of the queue. He was tall, he had bulging biceps and he looked like he could carry two girls on his arms at once. Omowunmi had made up her mind to flirt with everything in trousers at camp, and no one was immune to that resolution. After standing at the back for almost thirty minutes, her feet had began to hurt as she had chosen to adorn her feet with the highest heels she could buy for camp. There is no way i am going to carry last! she had said to herself while shopping for camp, i cant be short and not try to help my matter. So as she strolled past the others who were in front of her aiming for the Adonis in front, Continue reading

… Marissa’s Hell… (I)


marissaIt was a pretty good day to embark on a road trip, even though she had been dreading the coming of this day, marissa could not but admit that it was indeed a good day to be out. She glanced at the rear view mirror to peer into usman’s face. “I wonder if he loves his job”, she thought out loud. After almost a month trying to convince her dad that she had no interest in coming back to Nigeria, it seemed so surreal now that she was actually going to do his bidding after all. If he were not her dad she would have cussed him out. Are we there yet? she asked Usman who was slowly easing the car toward the bend that held the sign… Oh the sign… Yes, she saw it, another dreadful reminder that she had not been able to outwit her dad this time. Yes madam, we are almost there… Usman’s voice rudely interrupting her reverie. Continue reading

The thin line between “cool and uncool”: “Nigerian Twitter” in Perspective

These days you can hardly come across a young person who does not have one social media account or the other. There are equally enough social media networks available for the average young person to “feel among” and participate in the delight of being able to connect with the rest of the world. Facebook, Twitter, Badoo, 2go, Instagram, to name a few, are examples of the various social networks that have been designed to connect the average human being to the rest of his/her kind in the world today. The influx of youths on the various available social networks brings to mind the different consequences of this “unfettered virtual freedom”. Image

  Social networks connect the average user to a multitude of things that could either be helpful or harmful to whoever has access to them. I would want to focus on Twitter especially as a social media network. The number of young people who have access to Twitter services in Africa has increased significantly over time. In Nigeria especially, a good number of youths have twitter accounts. Majority of these youths in most cases are below age 20. It is important to note that the age at which a young person should be exposed to the world of social networks is very important. On the average, a Nigerian youth is bound to be exposed to at least a thousand twitter pages owned by people with different motives asides “socializing”.

It is no news that there has been an influx of what i would like to call “porn pages” on twitter. These pages have different handles, an example of such being “ipostbadbitches”. Handles such as these post lewd pictures that could be psychologically damaging to a green eyed twitter user who just happened to be lucky to own a device that enables him/her to access Twitter. Most times, people tweet through their handles claiming that they are on twitter to “have fun” and post things like “its only twitter”, and “if you dont like what i tweet fuck off”. It is at this point i begin to wonder, what exactly is wrong with the young people in this country?. Is it not appalling to see a young person who could not be more than 18yrs of age tweeting something like “you gotta satisfy her if you want that bitch to keep coming back” or “i want to be licked and sucked”????? I mean, what are the owners of such handles that post such tweets trying to portray? 

I could go on and on about the moral decadence that defines “Nigerian Twitter”, but i’d be writing a long essay that would probably be termed “uncool” by those who may read it. I had the opportunity to attend a seminar once that centered around using unconventional means to land a job. At a point in the discussion, the conveners talked about using one’s social media network to “sell oneself”. Hearing this i had to laugh, because i began to wonder how many of the people on my own timeline could actually use their twitter accounts to “sell themselves”. In my own opinion, a good number of the people i happen to follow would probably be fired from their places of employment if anyone from management should happen upon their twitter accounts (that is in the case of those who have a job). The remainder of those who are unemployed would probably stand no chance of getting a job if they were to be appraised  on the kind of things they tweet.


Going by the last paragraph, anyone reading this would probably think “how self righteous of you” or “lets get her handle so we can even see what she tweets”, or “what does having a twitter handle have to do with my potentials of getting a job?”. The truth is, and this is going to sound a little cliche, YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET!. To those who constantly try to appease their conscience(s) by tweeting “oh i am not my tweets”…… IN YOUR FACES! You are exactly what you tweet. There is no point trying to deceive yourself into thinking you magically become someone else once you log on to your twitter account!. 

   According to Freudian psychoanalytic theory, all psychic energy is generated by the libido. Freud suggested that our mental states were influenced by two competing forces: cathexis and anticathexis. Cathexis was described as an investment of mental energy in a person, an idea or an object. If you are hungry, for example, you might create a mental image of a delicious meal that you have been craving. In other cases, the ego might harness some of the id’s energy to seek out activities that are related to the activity in order to disperse some of the excess energy from the id. If you can’t actually seek out food to appease your hunger, you might instead browse through a cookbook or browse through your favorite recipe blog. ( 

 Going by the above, it is safe to assume that majority of us are controlled by the urges we have to certain things, (tweeting inclusive). If you always have the urge to post tweets centered on lewd topics and post lewd pictures, it is safe to also conclude that the potential to be a perverse human being is innate in you. it is not possible to “just be something” if you did not have the traits of such. 

  There is a thin line between being “cool” and exhibiting deep moral decadence. I believe social networks should be returned to what they really should be, “social networks”, and not glorified porn sites, where the young and old are exposed to stupidity and  the morally bereft. Let us focus on issues of the day and how they affect us personally as Nigerians and as young people. Yes, it is allowed to be a little bit personal with your tweets, and in fact with your posts on every social network on which you have an account, but there should be moderation in the things you post out there for the world to see.


Nigerians Quit Abusing Twitter

At this point I’d have loved to have the opportunity to ask the brains behind the social network that is Twitter what they feel about their work at the moment. Hopefully, with such an opportunity, it’d be fitting to ask whether the real purpose for creating such a social network had actually been fulfilled or bastardized… Either way, that’s merely a wish… Now, its no news that the “Nigerian Twitter Community” has become much more than just a social network Nigerians happened to stumble upon…. While I am very happy that Nigerians, true to type, are well represented on twitter, its still disheartening that most of the folks on there portray Nigerians in bad light (not like we were good to begin with)… Its really appalling. Continue reading