ReI am not usually one to weep over the dead. At a very young age I learned to accept that death is indeed the end of every creature, human and otherwise. I had learned how not to shed a tear, to nod in silent reflection on the lives of those lost. I had even imagined in my head that I could watch the life snuffed out of another and  not flinch, heck, I was a boss in my mind; death could not move me. I had watched enough videos where people had their heads severed from their bodies (Thanks ISIS), I was ‘ready’ for death. Nothing prepared me for the shock and disbelief I felt when I was told you were gone though, I was totally unprepared.  Continue reading


Born to Die

ImageThe past week has been a mixture of highs and lows for me, having shed tears uncontrollably one day after the other, and found what looked like a new life during this time, i’d say I have been living a a page out of a novel. Some people are so beautiful inside and outside that the thought of anything bad happening to them could rip one to shreds emotionally. I remember my days in what my mother began to call “The land of the unknown”, where I had no family, no friends, no one to call my own, save the federal government run parastatal that brought me there. These people, bless their hearts, took me in, they fed me, they burned their fuel for me, they took care of me. They had no prior knowledge of who I was, they were not weary of the fact that I was an eerily quiet young person who loved my own company so much, they tried all they could to bring me out into the light, during what I thought was my darkest hour. They cared for me.  Continue reading


Without a doubt this has got to be the most difficult predicament for anyone. Imagine wandering away into the darkness of the day, staring at the road and following it the ways it leads. You walk in the light, guided by the darkness, and yet you stumble… There is no telling what could happen, no forecast, nothing. You grope in the daylight even when your sight has not failed you…. You are overwhelmed by the growing sense of insecurity that threatens to consume you. You walk in the light, but can not see, the darkness is your ally, yet it can only help you as much as you allow it. There is a shrill cry in the distance, pain untold but framed in the throes of Continue reading