Skinny Girl In Transit – Trailer

I recently became a fan of African series, (thanks to Ndani TV’s Gidi up) and it’s interesting to know that the more meaningful flicks are being produced by Africans. So I saw this trailer on a new series titled Skinny Girl In Transit, also produced by NdaniTv, and I thought, wow, this is going to be something!.

Skinny Girl In Transit is centered around a story most ladies can relate to these days. In a generation where being skinny is actually more desirable than having flesh on one, the plot is highly relatable. Continue reading


Hi 2014. Bye 2014

Let me begin this post by saying what I always think at the beginning of a post but never type out, “How do I begin this rant?”, there, typed it. Well, technically I have already started to rant, I mean, I have already typed a full sentence, okay, enough of the small talk, let me get to the purpose of this rant.
I am fully aware of myself at the point of posting this blog, so if you somehow stumble on this and find I talked about you, you were in my thought.
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And The Winner Is…….


Come On You Gooners! Come On! is all my mind was screaming on Saturday; for anyone who has ever taken part in any form of competitive sport, you would be well acquainted with the anxiety that comes with a final showdown. I don’t intend to bore anyone that might read this with tales of what it feels like to be free from the shackles of disappointment after 9 years, all I just want to say is I am so elated that my team, Arsenal FC broke the jinx and ended the trophy drought that had beleaguered our beloved team for almost a decade. It was a weekend to be excited about, to share a couple of beers and just be utterly happy to be part of such an inspirational story.  Continue reading

African Designers Online – Its an Exodus


#ExodusStores et #NeedlePoint

I love the internet, it is really an amazing place to be when you are not stuck up in the real world. I know it has become sort of clustered with too much from the real world these days, but it still serves as a place for me to forget the realities of my being a young Nigerian. Enough of that for now though, today I want to share my latest find on the internet; I know I am not much of a writer as opined by people, but I would try my best to share my thoughts on this amazing place I just found over the internet.

I am not a fashion buff, I don’t have great ideas about the different color combinations that would birth a proper outfit, nether do I know how to tell the difference between a genuine design and an imitation. I am a regular girl, with regular taste in almost everything but books (I love exquisite books), and so when I stumbled on this site, I was wondering, what would you do with this knowledge if you keep it to yourself? Tell everyone! So yes, I am here to tell everyone that mistakenly reads my blog about this amazing site I just stumbled upon that deals in retail shopping.  Continue reading

Social Media Marketing

By Poisefreak,
Thursday, January 9, 2014
ImageTo the average Nigerian, a social media platform is a virtual meeting place where old friendships are rekindled (and old flames too), a place where families meet up to chat and exchange photos, where friends are made, and where appearances are kept. In all ramifications, social media platforms have become communities in their own rights, and typically have evolved the way a normal community would. These days old generation companies, as well as the new ones, have established departments to take care of their social media presence. With the steady growth in the number of people that have access to the internet, it has become imperative to establish digital businesses that would reflect the values of the real time businesses out there. What makes a business thick in the battle for online supremacy? Social media marketing.Social media marketing still sounds like a strange combination of words to me, especially when one has to state it as an occupation. These days, more Nigerian youths have assumed the role of social media marketers, and have been paid handsomely doing so. Continue reading