Unspoken…. Unheard

Perfect timing, not for everyone, butt just perfect for me. The first day of another month.. A new start, a new lease of life. The waiting period almost over, the time to herald a new dawn. The close of the dark times and the beginning of a new chapter…a time to listen to the words spoken silently, to listen to what the darkness had encrypted in its loins.. The time to listen closely and not talk. Literally, the times have been dark, not so here though, the darkness came, but for a straight three days, the moon was my guide. For the third dark in a row the moon was full, beautiful in all its glory, despite the clouds that threatened to cover its shine, it shone brightly… Then it spoke to me, looking beautiful up there, doing just that, it spoke to me… The value of this might be lost on the average reader, but its the little secret I and the moon have decided to keep… A beauty that gave its own to the world, to enlighten every soul that looked upon it………
Beauty so pure, so untouched by man’s impurity…even with the feat by Armstrong, man haas only been able to go that far…walk all over it…Yes, walk all over it, but it hasn’t taken away its beauty, it shines still…. Speaking to whoever would listen… It doesn’t matter what you hear, all that matters is that you hear it… All this while, thinking, searching.. It never once occurred my scarred soul that healing would come from the most minute thing…the shame of failure accepted and worked upon, has proved to be worth more than holding on…. No one would ever hear this song, its melody is known to I alone…. I had been waiting for this time…and it came at the perfect time…. My musings, my own, not yours to judge, but mine to keep….. 10 days to the final unveiling… Hopefully, I’ll be there…. I don’t expect you to understand this reader, please don’t try.

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