Marissa’s Hell… (contd’)


ImageAs omowunmi moved on yet another queue for the students who finished from Nigerian universities, she recalled her experience at the gate. “Kai, awon soldier yi buru ooh”.. She mused to herself. She had met an old coursemate of hers on the queue. “Bolanle, please keep this space for me, i need to go and get something to eat, i can not come and die”; she said to her friend. “I have heard, sha dont take long”, bolanle called after her. Her feet were killing her. ‘Why did i wear these darned shoes sef‘ she thought to herself. She had no idea these soldiers were really serious when they said she’d have to carry her bags on her head and run. Running in heels was really not her thing, she preferred to walk gracefully. She smarted from the pain she felt whenever she took a step. “Arghh.. to hell with it”, she thought, Continue reading