Nigerians Quit Abusing Twitter

At this point I’d have loved to have the opportunity to ask the brains behind the social network that is Twitter what they feel about their work at the moment. Hopefully, with such an opportunity, it’d be fitting to ask whether the real purpose for creating such a social network had actually been fulfilled or bastardized… Either way, that’s merely a wish… Now, its no news that the “Nigerian Twitter Community” has become much more than just a social network Nigerians happened to stumble upon…. While I am very happy that Nigerians, true to type, are well represented on twitter, its still disheartening that most of the folks on there portray Nigerians in bad light (not like we were good to begin with)… Its really appalling. Continue reading

Soar… If You Can

Sometimes it is hard to come out of your shell
To flee from all that threatens to give you hell
Sometimes you want to wallow in pain
To keep you from the stress of starting again
You feel bound to your life’s worries
When in truth, all that is in life hurries
Time waits for none, yes, it really flies
Rid yourself of grief, try, do it somehow
You can be happy, you can be free
It takes will and courage you can only find within
Sometimes you just have to try
Love never came to anyone who was afraid to soar. 💛



Big Little Dilemmas


It’s a Sunday, and I am here on my bed thinking of how best to pass today’s message across. Not too distant is the sound of praise and worship being sung in the two churches close to where I live, reminding me that I am perhaps in the wrong place at the moment. Growing up, you dared not decide not to go to church, I mean, you would have to be down with a highly contagious ailment to get to skip church.
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2015, The Jest Fest Continues.


Good Morning Fellow Nigerians, eku ipalemo elections, emi a se pupo oh. If you are not Yoruba and are wondering what that means, I am simply hailing you regarding the forthcoming elections, may we live to see many more in our time. I didn’t think of posting this article to exchange pleasantries though, I am writing this because I am very worried.
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Hi 2014. Bye 2014

Let me begin this post by saying what I always think at the beginning of a post but never type out, “How do I begin this rant?”, there, typed it. Well, technically I have already started to rant, I mean, I have already typed a full sentence, okay, enough of the small talk, let me get to the purpose of this rant.
I am fully aware of myself at the point of posting this blog, so if you somehow stumble on this and find I talked about you, you were in my thought.
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Do You Really Need Friends?

It is a day of festivities for muslim brothers and sisters world over and I do hope its been a good one so far. This evening I have decided to explore a topic that has played out for so long in my head but has not really found its way out. I think the reason I have held back from writing on this is the cliche nature of the topic, as well as its propensity to bore anyone who reads it; but every dog has its day, so here it is.

What is friendship? I am not really going to bother myself with reeling out a dictionary definition, I am just going to define it in layman’s terms, the way I have felt it, the way it is.
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Are Your Dreams Really Valid?


Before I begin this rant, I would like to point out that I do not regard myself a pessimist, I would prefer to think I am a realist. I try very hard not to dwell on superfluous ideals that probably would never yield fruit, I believe in calling a spade a spade and not a working tool. I believe that there are certain heights you should not attempt to climb if you are not armed with a certain type of gear, and I don’t advise people to build castles in the sky. Yes, I am a realist, I think that is what I am.

My reason for this post is really not far fetched. I would not hide it, I am one of those people who were not born with the proverbial spoon in their mouths,
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