A Day’s Woes


It was a dark cold night in the city of Lagos, people running across the road to get on buses to take them home. The streets were lit by solar powered lights, traders peddled their wares on the sidewalks, some spilling onto the road. Layo walked briskly against oncoming traffic; “I have to double up so I can get there on time, I don’t need him changing his mind on me” she thought as she quickened her pace towards the bus park. It was almost 8pm, after a long day at work, Layo wasn’t typically the type to make unplanned visits on a weekday like this one, but it had become necessary for her. It was almost two weeks since she had playfully asked him to help her with some money, after landing a new job, Layo had been stranded and felt she had to reach out to someone to help her get by till pay day. He had promised on different occasions in the last two weeks to give her some money,
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What Ever Happened To Patience And Tolerance?

ImageRecently I was watching an old re-run of the popular TV Show, The Jerry Springer Show, and I even though for the most part I was heavily amused by the fighting and pathetic display by some guests on the show, something got to me. A good number of the cases that were brought on the show had to do with cheating partners; Continue reading