Remarkably Unpleasant Thoughts….

Lately I have been thinking, what makes humans special? What differentiates men from animals, I mean lesser animals (we are sort of animals too)… What makes a human special?? Is it the fact that we can walk in a dignified manner? Or the fact that a select few of us have superior whitish matter…. I mean the capacity of that matter… oh well, I don’t mean to rant, or state anything that probably has been stated before…. I’ll say this though, there is no difference between Men and Animals…. (Pun intended). Depending on how you look at it, most “lesser” animals actually behave more human than the “superior animals”.
I remember that aspect of the holy book where the holy one alluded to the fact that Men couldn’t give their children snakes in place of fish, and so and so… I think he must have over estimated the “humanity” of Man…. Some men aren’t human. They are lesser animals fortunate enough to have “superior” bodies…. To me, most dogs are better than human beings. Which brings me to the age old norm of calling a wayward man a “dog”… I think that’s vitriolic to man’s best friend…. If you ask me, if dogs had our “superior” matter, they probably would be well behaved than most men…. That aside…. What really makes us special….. I challenge anyone who might read this to state something that he/she things makes ’em different from lesser animals so called….

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