Bright sunny days, out and about we play

Certain that we are out of harm’s way

The clouds are out in a ferocious display 

Heralding the coming of doomsday

We are not new to danger, we sense it, we live it Continue reading


How Well Can You Lie?

liiesIn some quarters, the phrase “The truth shall set you free” is used to coax people into admitting to some offense or the other, in others it is used to instill fear in the minds of young ones on the consequences of lies, and so on. On the real though, how much salvation does the truth really bring?

Think properly before you mentally provide an answer to the question above; i am pretty sure the average reader would go, “Yea, the truth is light”, or “The truth brings clarity”, or “The truth, told often helps you maintain your integrity”. Think of the question as a Nigerian, as a person who toils day after day to survive in this country. Continue reading

Online Education, YAY or NAY?

ID-10080995In the age of ICT it is now clear that we need to redefine the ways in which we achieve a lot of tasks. Education is not far behind, as we have various institutions across the globe that already offer a wide range of courses online. Please let me know what you think about online learning and how this can be implemented in Africa as a continent by taking this short poll…. Its easy, fast and stress free… All you have to do is Vote!!!! Thanks.. 🙂