Pentatonix Cover Of Papaoutai By Stromae: I LOVE!

I love this cover! I know I am coming quite late to the party of Acapella lovers, but this cover of Stromae’s Papaoutai is an awesome song! Pentatonix is really the real deal. The song also features ace violinist, Lindsey Stirling, and my favorite member of the group, Kevin K.O Olusola was on some ‘Celloboxing’ P on this one. Awesomeness on strings!

Fun Fact : Pentatonix actually featured in Pitch Perfect 2. Yea, they were the group that represented Canada at the worlds. How cool is that?


New Favorite Song – ‘We Belong’ – Pat Benatar

Thank you Pitch Perfect 2, I now have a favorite song I cannot stop listening to. Oh, and Das Sound Machine totally outshone that Barden Bellas, but that’s for another post. For now just enjoy this deeply awesome song.

Hoping to find someone to sing this to someday. 🙂