Take Me To Church. Never Mind

I recently (yes, just recently) fell in love with Simply Three’s cover version of Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church. Listening to the overwhelming sounds of the cellos and violins actually made me look up the lyrics of the actual song. It’s a powerful song that sort of describes how I have felt these past few days of 2016. A lot has happened already, and I usually feel overwhelmed whenever I play the song. I always remember to be grateful for music, because without it, i’d be truly dead on the inside.

For me 2016 started on quite a low, then high note. I was so happy, thinking I would get a fresh start away from mistakes that had plagued me from years before, but they came pouring in as strong as ever, almost shattering me, and further proving that indeed a part of me had really died. Continue reading


So Long G.


There is a question I have always had in my heart, one I have always wanted to ask people I encounter, but really never cared to ask; “why does the world hurriedly admonish people to forget those they have lost”? Why is it easy for unlookers to dismiss the pain of others, especially when it has to do with other humans? I have managed to have another year of harrowing emotional experiences, and yet, whenever I try to talk to my sister about my feelings, she goes “oh forget G, let him go, you need to forget about him because he never cared”. Continue reading


ReI am not usually one to weep over the dead. At a very young age I learned to accept that death is indeed the end of every creature, human and otherwise. I had learned how not to shed a tear, to nod in silent reflection on the lives of those lost. I had even imagined in my head that I could watch the life snuffed out of another and  not flinch, heck, I was a boss in my mind; death could not move me. I had watched enough videos where people had their heads severed from their bodies (Thanks ISIS), I was ‘ready’ for death. Nothing prepared me for the shock and disbelief I felt when I was told you were gone though, I was totally unprepared.  Continue reading

Skinny Girl In Transit – Trailer

I recently became a fan of African series, (thanks to Ndani TV’s Gidi up) and it’s interesting to know that the more meaningful flicks are being produced by Africans. So I saw this trailer on a new series titled Skinny Girl In Transit, also produced by NdaniTv, and I thought, wow, this is going to be something!.

Skinny Girl In Transit is centered around a story most ladies can relate to these days. In a generation where being skinny is actually more desirable than having flesh on one, the plot is highly relatable. Continue reading

Pentatonix Cover Of Papaoutai By Stromae: I LOVE!

I love this cover! I know I am coming quite late to the party of Acapella lovers, but this cover of Stromae’s Papaoutai is an awesome song! Pentatonix is really the real deal. The song also features ace violinist, Lindsey Stirling, and my favorite member of the group, Kevin K.O Olusola was on some ‘Celloboxing’ P on this one. Awesomeness on strings!

Fun Fact : Pentatonix actually featured in Pitch Perfect 2. Yea, they were the group that represented Canada at the worlds. How cool is that?

Pain Is Your Friend


We all have known pain, it’s really not a stranger to most people. The only thing that might be different is how it chooses to get to us. There are several degrees of pain and depending on who, it may mean different things and come in different forms. The definition of pain to the poor man is certainly different from what it means to his rich counterpart. The general fact however, is that we all feel pain in some way. The most important thing remains how we choose to deal with it in whatever form it comes.
I have always known who I am as a person. Most people think I am a sadist, I purposely never see the bright side of anything. Whatever situation I find myself, I always prefer to assess the negative outcomes before weighing whatever positives might result from it. I have always chosen to frown instead of pretend to be pleased when things turn out sour. I have always preempted pain and so never really feel bad when it finally manifests itself. To many, you are what you constantly think about. To some, the reason why I am plagued by pain is because I think of it a lot. I find their assessment flawed because I have never once treated people how I feel my pain should make me treat them. Continue reading