What Ever Happened To Patience And Tolerance?

ImageRecently I was watching an old re-run of the popular TV Show, The Jerry Springer Show, and I even though for the most part I was heavily amused by the fighting and pathetic display by some guests on the show, something got to me. A good number of the cases that were brought on the show had to do with cheating partners; Continue reading


Love in hurtful places


I read a lot of stuff over the internet, about Love and relationships, about what the chemistry between a man and a woman should be like, and a host of other topics. In all the material I have read, and all the “messages” I have been exposed to (especially the ones by Nigerian authors), I have noticed that everyone hides from the truth. A vast majority of writers who “specialize” in matters of the heart tend to completely remove themselves from the “situation” they explore. There is a sense of detachment on the part of most authors that makes one who might really be in need doubt their analysis and recommendations.
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