New Favorite Song – ‘We Belong’ – Pat Benatar

Thank you Pitch Perfect 2, I now have a favorite song I cannot stop listening to. Oh, and Das Sound Machine totally outshone that Barden Bellas, but that’s for another post. For now just enjoy this deeply awesome song.

Hoping to find someone to sing this to someday. 🙂


A Day’s Woes


It was a dark cold night in the city of Lagos, people running across the road to get on buses to take them home. The streets were lit by solar powered lights, traders peddled their wares on the sidewalks, some spilling onto the road. Layo walked briskly against oncoming traffic; “I have to double up so I can get there on time, I don’t need him changing his mind on me” she thought as she quickened her pace towards the bus park. It was almost 8pm, after a long day at work, Layo wasn’t typically the type to make unplanned visits on a weekday like this one, but it had become necessary for her. It was almost two weeks since she had playfully asked him to help her with some money, after landing a new job, Layo had been stranded and felt she had to reach out to someone to help her get by till pay day. He had promised on different occasions in the last two weeks to give her some money,
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God Made Man In His Likeness, Yes?


For anyone who reads all the nonsense I post, I am sure it is not difficult to tell that this blog is a direct channel for me to put my depression in writing. Yea, I think it is high time I just accept the fact that I am truly depressed, as day in day out I find myself spending more time ruminating on the bad than the good that has happened to me in my journey here so far. Continue reading

Dear Ben…

Dear Ben,

Its amazing how time flies, it seems like it was only just yesterday you decided to embark on that trip, you had stars in your eyes that morning. It had been a really bumpy road for us, all those times when you would lie with your head on my lap, sharing your dreams and hopes, listening to me while I talked of my passions and aspirations. It was you who taught me to dream, to believe in anything I set my heart on. We would sit and soak garri, with suya, hoping that one day everything would be alright. I remember the day you came back from work with the news. I was beyond elated…. All I could think of was the smile on your face, the joy you exuded at the thought of being offered a new position at your place of work. Hmm….. Continue reading

Soar… If You Can

Sometimes it is hard to come out of your shell
To flee from all that threatens to give you hell
Sometimes you want to wallow in pain
To keep you from the stress of starting again
You feel bound to your life’s worries
When in truth, all that is in life hurries
Time waits for none, yes, it really flies
Rid yourself of grief, try, do it somehow
You can be happy, you can be free
It takes will and courage you can only find within
Sometimes you just have to try
Love never came to anyone who was afraid to soar. 💛


Big Little Dilemmas


It’s a Sunday, and I am here on my bed thinking of how best to pass today’s message across. Not too distant is the sound of praise and worship being sung in the two churches close to where I live, reminding me that I am perhaps in the wrong place at the moment. Growing up, you dared not decide not to go to church, I mean, you would have to be down with a highly contagious ailment to get to skip church.
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