A Day’s Woes


It was a dark cold night in the city of Lagos, people running across the road to get on buses to take them home. The streets were lit by solar powered lights, traders peddled their wares on the sidewalks, some spilling onto the road. Layo walked briskly against oncoming traffic; “I have to double up so I can get there on time, I don’t need him changing his mind on me” she thought as she quickened her pace towards the bus park. It was almost 8pm, after a long day at work, Layo wasn’t typically the type to make unplanned visits on a weekday like this one, but it had become necessary for her. It was almost two weeks since she had playfully asked him to help her with some money, after landing a new job, Layo had been stranded and felt she had to reach out to someone to help her get by till pay day. He had promised on different occasions in the last two weeks to give her some money,

but somehow he had come up with one excuse or the other as to why he couldn’t make a transfer or make it to the bank. All of a sudden, he had asked her to come for it while they were chatting over WhatsApp. “I have to find my way there” she thought, “It’s today or never”.

It was a quaint looking apartment, a white Siberian husky lay on the floor, biting at its tail. Outside on the ground floor, a small female rottweiler barked once, it’s gaze following the sounds of feet running down the stairs. He was of average height, sporting a blue jersey shirt and brown combat shorts. Walking past the dog , he clicked on the remote key of his blue Ford. He started the car, and then walked slowly towards the gate to open it. “this is going to be fun” he thought. He got into his car and checked his WhatsApp messages “She is really coming, such a silly girl” he thought. He put the key in the ignition and started the car, it was really going to be an interesting night.

“Hello, where are you? I am almost at your junction, where should I wait?” Layo was not accustomed to waiting for anything or anyone. She briefly tapped her right foot in frustration, watching as okada riders dropped passengers and moved on from where she had been standing. “Its been almost 20minutes, where in God’s name is he?” Layo had rehashed the script in her head a thousand times on the trip to the meet. She was going to shun small talk, collect the money he had promised , and make a run for it. She had always dreaded having to meet him alone because of their history. Layo had only decided to turn to him for help because she heard he had recently been married, and so thought he was no longer a threat to her in anyway. Just then a car horn jolted her from her reverie. “There you are”, she thought, “play it cool, just get in and get out she thought”..

“How are you? I honestly didn’t think you would come” he said as he looked at her. She was still that naive girl he had met almost two years ago. “How was work?” he asked Layo who was busy biting on her nails and looking out the window. “I am fine” “Work was fine”, she said. “Why are you looking like I am going to bite you?” “Come let me touch your cheeks”. The car was so cold, Layo kept glancing furtively at the AC, but didn’t utter a word. He had started driving and was making his way back to his house, looking at her from time to time while looking at the road at the same time. “God please let him just give me the money and let me leave” she thought. They had since left the bus stop and now Layo began to panic. “Where are you taking me” she asked. “Please can you just give me the money and let me be on my way? I am already late and  won’t get home on time at this rate”. He laughed, “so you thought I was kidding when I said I was going to punish you for being stubborn”. “We are here”, he said, “get down and leave your bag in the car”. Before she could say anything, he was out of the car and walking across the road. Layo sat in the car with her head in her palms.“I should have known this was too good to be true” she thought, now it was too late.

“So you want me to just give you money and not get anything in return?” “You are a resourceful girl now, you should know that’s not possible” he said as he walked menacingly towards her. She had decided not to sit down on the bed. There was a small television in the corner, a football match was going on. He had a bottle of water on the table, the bedsheet looked fresh, with water running in the bathroom on the other side of the room. As Layo took it all in she knew this was probably not the first time he had brought someone here. “Please don’t do this”, she begged. “This wasn’t what we discussed, I don’t want to do this” she continued. “Shey you feel you are stubborn right? I told you I was going to deal with you” he began to move closer to her. She was trying to move back when the first slap landed. “Whatever you do, don’t cry” she thought, looking at him, she shielded her head , trying to block a second slap. “Please don’t hit my head, I have a terrible headache, I could pass out if you hit me”. “How is that my business?” , he said. “Now take off your clothes”. “Please I don’t want to do this” she pleaded with him, “I don’t want this” but all her pleas fell on deaf ears. “Thought you were stubborn, take off your clothes!” Layo stopped begging and did as he said. He had already pulled off his shorts, he was not wearing any underwear. He whipped out his already erect penis and shoved it in her face, “Now suck me off” 😒 he said. Layo looked at him, hesitant, he slapped her again, “I said suck on it” . She did everything she was told. When he felt that was enough, he asked her to turn and back him while he furiously thrust into her from behind. Layo made no sound, he kept on and then pushed her to lay on her back. Layo screamed when he put his full weight on her, spent from his thrusts.“Oh my God, he came inside me”.

“You came inside me!” He looked at her and smiled sheepishly. “Yes, that is your second punishment for being stubborn” She pushed him away and got in the bathroom to clean herself up. Layo fought hard to control herself, “what have I done?” “I won’t cry”, she kept repeating to herself. She was not going to give him the joy of seeing her cry. When she got back into the room she noticed he had worn his shorts and was already preparing to leave. She followed him. “Where do you want me to drop you?”  he asked. Layo looked at him with  disgust, “close to where I can get a bus home”, she replied. They got into the car and he drove off. Layo thought of what had just happened, she looked at him, and looked away, she wasn’t going to cry. “I’ll be fine here” , she said. He stopped the car and reached into the pocket of his shorts, counted some money and handed it to her. “This is your last punishment, you will come for the money ten times. Take this as your first installment”. Layo looked at the money he had given her, looked at him, and dropped the money on the arm rest. She got out of the car and walked as fast as she could.

The tears came in torrents.


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