For The People In Your Life

Put that phone down, the internet will not stop functioning without you, the scandals on twitter will not lose their momentum without your handle numbering every sub, tweets will trend, whether you are there or not, but will your family always be there? I think not.

Put that phone down, that man has not proposed to you yet, he might get off the phone just as he is done with you, he will call the next girl, and you, who thinks you are his one and only, neglecting your own just so you can swoon to his ever weakening words, are just a pawn in one of his many games. He will not attend the funeral, well, because his new girl needs a pair of shoes, appearances must be kept just so he has the happiness he thinks he deserves.

Put that phone down, your boss will hire the next available and competent hand, the moment your heart breaks and you can’t live anymore when your loved one is gone. The mails you attended to during the week are quite enough, you only see these people once, devote your attention to them.

Put that phone down, your baby needs you. You will miss his/her first steps, she will call the nanny mummy, just because you were too busy trading words with virtual people, making no income off it, making no positive impact, just wiling away time, when the ones who love you never really see you.

Each and everyday, people pass away, development is fast paced, problems are solved at the push of a button, deadlines are met at the click of a link, friends are made just by follows or likes, we are slowly leaving the ones we really see behind, making out more time for the unseen. Maybe they understand you, maybe they know the you that you never show any one else, maybe they do not cry when they need your attention, they do not drive you crazy, yes, they are your “fans”.

Some will lose their fathers and not know why, but will be quick to share their tragedy with the world, just for likes and retweets. Some will lose their children, to nannies who molest them, who watch them grow into unruly kids, but will be quick to chastise some random kid who ‘disrespects’ them online. Take a look around you, drop that phone, stop clamoring for change when you are unwilling to give it a try beginning from your household.

Read this, then put down that phone. 🙂


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