2015, The Jest Fest Continues.


Good Morning Fellow Nigerians, eku ipalemo elections, emi a se pupo oh. If you are not Yoruba and are wondering what that means, I am simply hailing you regarding the forthcoming elections, may we live to see many more in our time. I didn’t think of posting this article to exchange pleasantries though, I am writing this because I am very worried.

Today the average Nigerian cannot claim to be ignorant of what is about to happen in the country, after four years of more hardship, Nigerians are being called upon to exercise their rights to vote. Its funny that voting is actually a fundamental right, especially because in Nigeria we are accustomed to being denied our rights. Even now I feel that we are merely “ceremonial thumbs” in the voting process, and whoever has the grandest scheme of deception will carry the day. Long and short, this is a very sensitive period, but still, this is not my main reason for writing this article.
On the federal and state level we have had a whole lot of drama pertaining to the fielding of candidates, especially between the ruling party (PDP) and its key opposition (APC). From the initial nominations, to party primaries, the race for the highest position in the land has been quite interesting. At the moment we have the incumbent President, Good luck Ebele Jonathan and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of the PDP and APC respectively, actively vying for the hearts of the people. Yes, I mentioned just two parties, because honestly, those are the only two worth mentioning. I read recently that a certain Remi Sonaiya was contesting on the platform of the KOWA party, but that seems to be inconsequential at the moment because I honestly do not think she stands a chance. Now, to Jonathan and Buhari; let me confess here that I admire the kind of work the social media teams of the two candidates have done so far, I am a social media enthusiast, and I am really excited for the future of social media and its role in defining politics in Nigeria, however my admiration stops there, that time isn’t now. There have been all sorts of bickering back and forth between supporters of these candidates, from the clearly logical, to the annoyingly irrational, and in most cases the candidates themselves have made certain statements that would really make you wonder what hope there is for the nation. We have also seen the active running mate fielded by the APC for the post of Vice President, Prof. Osibajo do more than any democratic running mate has ever done, in terms of visibility in public and having actual plans. One would think he was the one running for the post of President, with his actions and words so far. It has been a very interesting race so far.
From what I have read on various media channels, I think Goodluck Jonathan is a pathetic excuse for an incumbent, and he is a slight on the educational system in Nigeria. I read some of his words quoted from speeches he has made so far and I am more disgusted than disappointed. If a Ph.D holder from a Nigerian University can make as many misguided and careless statements as our President has made out there, this nation is in trouble. Yes, I am more concerned about the educational aspect. One would expect a learned man to speak like one, and not sound like an ogbijo fisherman who has little or no education whatsoever. His statements are akin to that of a preschooler who is still grappling with the realities of life and makes superfluous declarations of personal and collective development. Sometimes I wonder who is in charge of the President’s speeches, and I begin to ask myself if such a person who allows himself be sabotaged by those he employed to serve him is fit to rule.
From the PDP rally to the APC rally, excerpts I have read from all show that most of these politicians think Nigerians are here to joke, and I will not blame them for thinking so. Go on twitter, and you can see that the average Nigerian youth that tweets about politics is politically daft. Some are blinded by greed, while some are just to ethnically biased to see that they are only pawns in this game politicians play. Personally, I will reiterate that Nigerians need to sit out of this electoral process, we need change, yes, but it will not come with either of these candidates. We cannot entrust our future to people who do not take us seriously, we do not need to choose the lesser evil. I will not address my thoughts on Buhari as a candidate yet, but I am 100% sure that he is not the change we so desperately need in this country. For now, all we can do is watch and wait, February 14 2015 is upon us already, hopefully it would be a day to remember more for good than bad.



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