Hi 2014. Bye 2014

Let me begin this post by saying what I always think at the beginning of a post but never type out, “How do I begin this rant?”, there, typed it. Well, technically I have already started to rant, I mean, I have already typed a full sentence, okay, enough of the small talk, let me get to the purpose of this rant.
I am fully aware of myself at the point of posting this blog, so if you somehow stumble on this and find I talked about you, you were in my thought.

I am mildly distracted by the dude chewing furiously on gum beside me, the movement of his jaw keeps threatening to make me fully glance his way, but I won't, I have this post to complete. 😁
2014, where do I start, I am sure if you check the history of my posts on this blog, you would find something I posted the previous year, it has indeed become a sort of tradition for me to spew a lot of shit about my woes and wins year by year, hoping that someday future me would stumble upon these and hopefully find them amusing. So as I was saying, 2014, where do I start? Its been a very interesting year. I made more mistakes this year than I think I have made in the three years before this one. There were times I thought I was on the right course, but it turned out to be a ruse, was led by lust and became gullible (again) at some point too, but I bounced back. Long story short, my life was eventful this year.
First, it turned out that my first fling was engaged to be married, I got to find out he had set me up to be 'conquered' by his friend too, whom I actually really liked. Bright young man of the law whose passion for his career was the only real thing that made me regret the path life has put me on so far, it was really a darn shame when I had to play along with the whole game, and when I had to leave it; darn shame. Moving ahead, I moved in with someone I would not really call a friend, more of an acquaintance (I really do not know how to mince words or patronize people), and to the best of my knowledge, I did try to be a good squatter. I must say that I learned a lot from sleeping on the bare floor scantily covered by a sheer mat, I mean, my father, in all his humility had a house, but owning to work and the distance from where that house is, I had to move out. I learned that there is no place like your father's house. No acquaintance , or friend, can treat you like you would be treated in your father's house. I noticed that there were a lot of unsaid words, mostly from my host to me, (because really I never really have anything to say, forget this post), but ultimately as she kicked me out without a care about where I would stay, I knew probably maybe I hadn't been a good squatter after all. I was unceremoniously informed to leave with just a week's notice, and somehow I decided to bite the dust and go stay with real family, where, of course, I had an entire house to myself, and the irony of that was, it was around the same location. 🙂
Let me say that the above episode in 2014 I just narrated was brought upon me by myself, even as I type this post, the acquaintance in question did not care to ask where I moved to, someone whose house I didn't entirely stay for free, oh well, shit happens, that happened. This year, I also met a few confused souls, souls even more confused than mine, I was repulsed. I am sure you are wondering why I seldom have stuff to write about my family (Well), some topics are simply not up for discussion. Read about the ones who passed through my life, (its much more fun to read… Sometimes). Anyway, 2014 taught me to be resilient in my hatred for certain types of people. People who smile in your face and then laugh at your back. People who hurt you and hurt you then get hurt that you didn't fight back. Ah! Almost forgot to add, I finally got over my ex from 2yrs ago! How? The laiskin he left me for called me to tell me to stop bashing her with sub's on twitter, here's the good part, I had opened a new account, was not following her, and she wasn't following me, yep! You guessed right, stalker! Who? Me? She? Lol.. Figure it out.

In all the craziness that was this year, I did find something to keep smiling about, and frankly I do not care that even my best friend told me I am 'losing' good friends, I think its a sign. Let all that would remain, remain, and those who would leave can leave. It is a free world, and no one is bound to anyone.

One constant person in my life in 2014 has been God. I believe in him, I believe in his promises, and even though I have not been the most ardent church goer, I can tell you he has been faithful. As he moved me from obscurity to security February 2014, so will he move you. I know he has more for me, I am working on reinforcing my belief. In the end, only God matters.

Wish you a happy ending in 2014 if you read this. Hopefully, I would be alive to rant again come 2015. By the way, please don't vote in the coming elections, your votes have never counted, they won't start to count now. 😁😁😁



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