And The Winner Is…….


Come On You Gooners! Come On! is all my mind was screaming on Saturday; for anyone who has ever taken part in any form of competitive sport, you would be well acquainted with the anxiety that comes with a final showdown. I don’t intend to bore anyone that might read this with tales of what it feels like to be free from the shackles of disappointment after 9 years, all I just want to say is I am so elated that my team, Arsenal FC broke the jinx and ended the trophy drought that had beleaguered our beloved team for almost a decade. It was a weekend to be excited about, to share a couple of beers and just be utterly happy to be part of such an inspirational story. 

While some rival fans (mostly friends) are of the opinion that Arsenal FC only got lucky and would go back to having disappointing runs in all leagues next season, I strongly believe that winning the F.A Cup this season is only a tip of the rebirth of the team at the Emirates. What I watched on Saturday was a team filled with the best players ever, men who had worked very hard throughout the season and truly deserved this small victory. I have faith in Arsene Wenger and I believe his final years at the Emirates would be years of glory for the team.

I must add here that I am thrilled that Mesut Ozil (my crush) joined the team, and in his first season in North London, he has won as much silverware as Robin VanPersie (traitor) has won in all the time he has stayed in England after leaving Arsenal :p. I believe Mesut, Lukas, Ramsey and Gibbs, Per, and Laurent have more to improve upon and offer us gooners come next season. I do hope that Wenger makes good use of the hundred g’s he would be getting from the board this summer; hopefully we would strengthen our squad and have a better chance at tasting EPL glory next season.

Till next season, I remain a #HappyGooner . I have a little message for all those who aren’t gooners who might read this and be tempted to say the nasty……………………SUCK IT! :p


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