Is It Debasing To Compromise?

ImagePeople do a lot of things for a whole lot of reasons; most times, we engage in certain activities not because we really would like to normally, but because we have found ourselves in a position where things are literally beyond our control. The truth is the most of what we see in the world today have been formed by one form of compromise or the other. 

To some, the art of compromise is a debasing concept, it is seen as a big blow to ones ego when the decision is made to suck up to someone or something just because we want to make things work. In human relations, compromise seems to be the biggest cause of issues within the social convention. A lot of people fail to see how letting go of certain things makes them a better person, and as such, the art of compromise is looked upon as an action that takes away from their person, making them lesser in one way or the other, and most times this affects their general outlook on life. Some people have had to make compromises at work, just so they get to keep their jobs and not end up out on the streets jobless. While some take situations like this in their stride, others do not, and most times we are faced with the development of ‘bad blood’ , and bad health as well (Depression usually sets in) , and we have more walking corpses than actual living people. 

Some have sacrificed their future because they do not understand that the art of compromise is a two way thing. You have to give something to get something, and some times, you have to give something without the hope of getting anything in return. This covers a great variety of situations having to do with human interaction. You are not a lesser being if you decide to let that lady sit in that empty chair while you go look for another one for yourself, neither are you a lesser being if you let your wife use your vehicle while you choose to commute publicly to and fro work. You are not “uncool” if you choose to read till late at night instead of spending late nights on Twitter or Facebook, and you do not have to risk your future by putting up obscene photos or airing such views because you want to be seen as ‘popular’ or ‘tight’; remember, the compromises you make today (no matter how bad you think they make you look) might be a springboard to your success tomorrow. 

You might wonder, why do I sound pro-compromise? I mean, what’s with all the  talk about giving a bit of myself for the betterment of my tomorrow? Well, I have come to realize that there would be times when you would need to put your ego aside and just go with the flow in life. Compromise on life and how you choose to live it; you do not have to be a rebel all the time, neither do you have to be so prim and proper all the time as well. There would be times when you would have to roll up those sleeves and take off those shoes to cross that sea of shit just so your life would better. There would be times when you would have to let that guy win those arguments just so he would put a ring on it faster 😉 (for all you ring seekers out there, I really couldn’t care if I ever get one). There would be times when your ‘Yes” would have to switch to a ‘No’; but do not let the change make you change, let the compromises you make strengthen you, not weaken you. Borrow a leaf from Frank and Claire, make compromises that would pay off not suck the life out of you in the end. 

It really is your choice, and I am done ranting about compromises. 😀 .




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