African Designers Online – Its an Exodus


#ExodusStores et #NeedlePoint

I love the internet, it is really an amazing place to be when you are not stuck up in the real world. I know it has become sort of clustered with too much from the real world these days, but it still serves as a place for me to forget the realities of my being a young Nigerian. Enough of that for now though, today I want to share my latest find on the internet; I know I am not much of a writer as opined by people, but I would try my best to share my thoughts on this amazing place I just found over the internet.

I am not a fashion buff, I don’t have great ideas about the different color combinations that would birth a proper outfit, nether do I know how to tell the difference between a genuine design and an imitation. I am a regular girl, with regular taste in almost everything but books (I love exquisite books), and so when I stumbled on this site, I was wondering, what would you do with this knowledge if you keep it to yourself? Tell everyone! So yes, I am here to tell everyone that mistakenly reads my blog about this amazing site I just stumbled upon that deals in retail shopping. 

In Nigeria right now, we have a handful of online stores already gaining ground, from Jumia, to Konga, and now Buyam, these stores make buying basic things easier; you do not have to put yourself through the stress of visiting the market, or scouring through the mall for what you want, you simply go online and voila! what you are looking for is delivered to your doorstep!

Anyways, the store I happened upon is called Exodus Stores. They are quite new in the business, but are steadily gaining ground and their services are impeccable. If you are a lover of ready-to-wear contemporary outfits, and love the idea of supporting budding African designers, you need to visit their website! I know I have a fashion sense that is below average (forgive me), but the designs I have seen on the site are really something! There are accessories, as well as shoes and kiddies clothing up on there too.. All by African Designers! Exodus Stores also offers delivery services, so once you make your purchase, your delivery is guaranteed to hit your doorstep within hours in Lagos, and a couple of days outside Lagos! Wait for it……. Exodus can also deliver to you if you are outside Nigeria! So if you are in the UK, U.S.A, Australia, wherever! and you love designs by African designers, Exodus stores might just be what you need! They are on Twitter (@exodusstores) , and you can like their Facebook page here. And if you are an African designer who would love to have your brand on Exodus Stores, just visit their website for more information.

There! I have shared my #FridayFind with you guys! Go ahead and share it with someone else…… Fashionistas take note…



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