FOLLOW BACKs : Much Ado about Nothing

Before I start let me say I have been on Twitter for a while now, having deactivated my initial account I had opened in 2009 to start from scratch in 2011, I think I have come a long way on the social network. Its not such a big deal really, since I still have less that a thousand and five hundred followers, but I had to say that. Twitter has evolved into one of the most intense social networks in the history of social network applications in the lives of the average Nigerian youth.

In fact, it has become so intense that some of its young users in Nigeria have literally carved a niche for themselves there, looking down their noses at older social networks such as Facebook, Hi5, and Badoo, to name a few.
To them, if you have an account on social networks such as 2go, you are SCUM and RAZZ, and would be insulted with hashtags just to buttress the point. Twitter Nigeria has evolved to become the high school we watch in Hollywood movies (sorry Nollywood y’all aint shit), where the “Cool kids” think they are “privileged” because they own an account on a social network that allows them to bully others they feel are “below” them in “tweet counts” and “statuses”… Laughable.

Let’s go way back, to the time when we were all fresh tenants on the social network called twitter, when we had no idea how it worked, when we begged people for followbacks and we had #TeamFollowback in our bios… Some of you even used to design your names with all those emoticons you carried with you from BBM, now everyone is “Tush”.. Some are “TBH”, some are “LWKMD”, some are “IJGB”, and now its like we are going to play host to the “OMGs”… Really? LOL.

I couldn’t help but notice the “slanderous” (I have to use the word because it seems some people on twitter have no other adjectives for “Insult”.. Slander sounds “Intellectual”.. Buhahaha), tweets that trailed #TNC6, and I must say it was hilarious! Some folks have not forgiven some of their mates for not following them back on Twitter and so they attacked their looks… Hairlines were not left out in the “Slander”.. Some went as far as using health-related issues as insults, while others just “LOLed” and “WOWed”… Me? I was just scrolling and scrolling.

Here is the thing, if you follow someone and they do not follow you back, unfollow them. It is NOT a big deal. You are not a promoter or social media marketer are you? Then why are you bothered about your follower count?! That person you have stored up all your cyber hatred for is steadily feeding on it because you refused to unfollow him/her, and would always click on the links he or she puts up (Its a social media marketing strategy) and your hate steadily becomes that person’s gain. Do you think #TNC6 would have trended yesterday if there were no followers who were angry they were not followed back by some other twitter users??? If you think so, please feel free to tell me why.

Twitter is only a social network, it is not to be taken seriously especially if you are just a user who is often “star struck” by people you feel tweet “smart” or “funny” because of your lack of faith in yourself. The ones who have evolved into cyber market men and women really do not care about your feelings and would not baby-sit you because you cannot handle rejection (Yes that is what it is when you are not followed back), they know you are too weak to unfollow and your hatred would be the waves on which they would surf to that “twitter-celebrity” status. Really, channel all that “emotion” elsewhere and save yourself the trouble of venting when no one is listening…

It is barely a day left till 2014, decide what your social media future would look like; would you be on “IDGAF” Twitter like me, and not care about your social media status but care more about the status of your bank account? Or would you keep sulking about that person who would never follow you back when you can unfollow their ass and live a normal “life” on social media (since its that important to you) ? The choice is yours.

Happy New Year in Advance.


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