No Title. None.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with just a footstep, I say a journey of a thousand miles can be ended with just the slip of a foot. For months I shied away from the things that seemed destructive, I held back from the thirst to run wild, yes I did. Almost choking on my own saliva, I had waited with bated breath for Nirvana that never came.
The pain had been real, the sadness heart wrenching, there were nights when I had thought I would empty my soul on my pillow, tears blinding my eyes from thoughts that would not go away, the offspring of rejection that threatened to spell the end of me. I was valiant in my battle to stay afloat, I cried to cry no more, pondered to think no more, locked myself up like a prisoner cast in solitary confinement. There was no venturing into that deep abyss called Love anymore, no thoughts of some knight in shining amour to save me from myself, it was just me, myself, and I.

It was a night to be free and express thoughts on all that mattered, and sometimes didn’t. You were there, bushy haired, like a descendant of kongi himself. I remember he was there too, watching, waiting, knowing something was in the offing. I did not think much of it, if it were up to me, the atmosphere would have stayed the same; then something happened, you saved me. Prying me out of the monster in me that threatened to ruin all I had protected myself from, you stood on those cowries and sent me where I needed to be. That had still not been it, I thought nothing of it.

Day after day you pried my soul open, beyond my expectations, you went too far. There was not to be anymore soul wrenching moments, no tear soaked pillows, only laughter and smiling that made my heart race. What was the use of crying to cry no more? Vulnerable as a newborn you took my weaknesses and made it your strength, you were Master and Commander, and you showed you were human afterall with your love for Lana.
How Dark was the paradise you had set up for me? Joys never outlive the joyous, and my demons came forward in monstrous rage. Angry and befuddled that you, oh nappy headed one had taken a prisoner in record time than it had taken her to save herself. Angry at the way the fear melted away at the sight of correspondence from you. They were having none of it. Passion brought to the fore long forgotten emotions, feelings that scared the shit out of her were unleashed. Surely, you knew this Master was not keeping this Slave for long… We cry to cry no more.


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