By Poisefreak,
Sunday November 10, 2013


It was a calm sunday afternoon, the heat wave had become a tad unbearable, and Rita was forced to abandon the thoughts of taking a nap as she made to get out of bed to step outside for fresh air. “Don’t leave me” “Don’t leave me”, Rita heard Canice mutter softly as she stirred in her sleep, taking a long look at her she wondered if it was a good idea to wake her up. “Don’t leave me”, she continued to mutter, Rita got up from her bed and walked over to Canice’s side. Crouching by the side of her sister’s bed, she began to stroke her hair softly, it had been three months since Francis passed away, Rita felt sorry for her sister.

Just as she was about to return to her bed, she noticed tears trickling down Canice’s eyes. “This is getting out of hand”, she said in a low voice, as she decided to wake Canice up. “Sis, sis, wake up, you have had enough sleep for one afternoon”. Canice opened her eyes, she was surprised to see her sister by her side, she noticed the sad look on Rita’s face and turned to her side, backing her. “Oh dear, I hope I have not been crying again” she thought to herself. Rita turned her to face her squarely, “Sis, you cannot continue to live this way, you would never be free of your pain if you remain holed up inside here”, Canice rolled her eyes, “Not again little sis” she thought, “Leave me to drown in my sorrow”. “Since he died you have not had any kind of fun, you barely eat, and you cry in your sleep. You were crying just now!” Rita continued saying as she gently shook her sister, “You have to snap out of this”. Canice moved past her sister and got off her bed, she was not having any of this kind of talk, it was only fair that people left her alone, she had lost her soulmate, her love, her best friend, and most of all, had been rendered a widow barely six months after getting married. No, there was no stopping this pain, Canice had decided not to let anyone stop her from grieving. “I’ll take a bath now, we’ll talk later” she said out loud as she dashed into the bathroom.


“Good morning everyone”, Canice said as she walked into the office. She had become bored with the routinely forced smile she had to flash her co-workers whenever she went to work. An editor with a fast rising publishing company, Canice had loved her job when she first started over four years ago. Fresh out of the University with a degree in English Language, she had been excited when she got the offer to start work at the company at the time when it was only a start up, and had worked diligently to earn her stay at the Publishing firm. Walking slowly to her office, she could sense the stares following her trail, she had gotten accustomed to being stared at by her co-workers after Francis died. She had invited a good number of her colleagues to her wedding only six months before, and then some of them had witnessed his interment six months after. Canice hated the way they stared at her, one colleague had come to her once, sympathizing with her and telling her all would be well. “Its still not well, Francis is not coming back” she thought, as she stepped into her office and closed the door behind her.

“Canice!, glad to see you have finally arrived”, the all too familiar voice jolted her out of her reverie. Canice flashed an angry look at the person sitting in her chair. “How rude of him to barge in like this” she thought to herself as she placed her bag on the table. The man in the chair laughed, “Are you not happy to see the father of your unborn child”?

To be Continued……….


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