And We’ll Never Be Royals….. But we’ll rule. ;)


I recently fell in love with the song Royals by Lorde, the songwriter/singer from New Zealand, and I must say, she speaks for a lot of young people across the globe. I know it is quite late to gush about the song anyways, since its quite “old” anyways… That wasnt my reason for choosing to write anyways.
The mind of the average young person anywhere is usually filled with thoughts of grandeur. A good number are addicted to the flambouyant lifestyles they see as displayed by the creme of the world in the entertainment industry, and the world at large.

A lot of youths can quote “Forbes’s list of Wealthy men” off the top of their heads because its all they want to become. While it is not a bad thing to dream and wish one was “rich”, it occurs to me that a lot of young people these days (including myself) have not given themselves the chance to explore youth. Yes, most of us believe these are hard times, and we cannot afford to enjoy our youth. We spend all our time trying so hard to be “Royals”, most times doing things we shouldnt do.
Ambition is great, no doubt, but anytime I listen to Lorde tell the world how ordinary life really is for her, all I can say to myself is “I really couldnt agree more”. Why continue living life caught up in someone else’s love affair instead of living for me?. An artiste who displays all the flashy things of the world in his/her music video probably sees that as “the life”, why must I as a young person be influenced to aspire to that kind of life? Why must I join the rat race to fame and fortune and unwittingly sign myself up for a shortlived stay on earth?
The truth is everything portrayed in the lives of the rich and famous is Vainity, nothing ever lasts, and the more young people expend all their energy on trying so hard to partake in this vanity, the more we waste our youth.
It is very important that we accept that not everyone was called to a life of flamboyance and wealth. We cannot all be rich and famous, but that still does not mean we dont have what it takes to live life comfortably. We might not have all the accoutrements of nobility, but we can look good all the same, in every facet of life.

Live, Laugh, Love, Be young, Dont Rush things….. Smile.


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