On Beverley Osu, BBA and all things crappy….

I thought i was going to remain immune to the annoyance that grips me whenever i stumble on any BBA related tweet on my timeline, and all the blogs about the show. However, there is a recurring trend in the house especially pertaining to one housemate that is beginning to do more than irk me.

Beverley Ada Osu, even if you were given a script that is meant to portray you as a chic who has diarrhea of the mouth, don’t you think you should try to put a lid on that mouth of yours? First, you had to tell the whole world that you were “dating” one faded star at one point in your life, then you went ahead to tell those who cared to listen that he beat the living day light out of you…. Even after that one came out to publicly deny that he ever wanted to marry you, the bloggers had a filled day tossing one irritating news item or the other around. Why didn’t you issue a press release when the faded star was allegedly beating you like a pinyata? Why did you now decide to go to the whole of Africa now that that one has decided to get married? Did BBA write you as script that included you smearing someone’s reputation, or are you just a silly little girl who only knows how to wear make up and look pretty but has no brains. I even read somewhere that you told Africa about your friend who was dating a married man… And now, as i was peacefully scrolling down my timeline on twitter, i saw that you decided to tell us about your abortion which you had after carrying a child for almost 4 months.

I do not watch BBATheChase.. Honestly, i think it is absolute crap.. However, getting to read irritating articles like the ones on the activities of housemates like Beverly has been quite disturbing. I mean, any moral person who is even remorseful for shit they have done would not think it fit to go telling the world that you are a murderer! Why the heck is she even in the house representing Nigeria? i checked her profile, if it is indeed true that she is 21 years old, she has no business being in a house that promotes gross immorality as BBA does. Even if she has grown up “fast”, it is still displeasing to ears such as mine that a kid (she is a kid at 21 to me) would be at the house, and not just be there, but would be an embodiment of everything that has gone wrong with the moral standards in our society. I am sure there are people, especially young girls out there, who would go “oh leave her jor, she is hot and finer than you”, or “oh stop hating, go get a life”, or “oh i love Beverly, she is my hero”. Personally, i think y’all are all mad. If the world watches someone display such a low level of moral standard for the world to see and we find it entertaining, then the world is finally raving mad!

I do hope that Beverly knows that she still has her whole life ahead of her if she is really only 21. i hope you win the prize money that has so geared you up to ruin your reputation as a female in the society you would still come back to when you leave the house. I hope you do know that the same people you think you are “entertaining” would not be there when you begin to weep in your closet when you see how the world truly treats people who literally throw caution to the wind all because they believe its a “free world”. I am not judging you, i just wish you would keep your big mouth shut and look for other “persona-saving” strategies to win whatever prestige it is that BBA brings to y’all who participate in it…..



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