ImageRelationships make really very complicated issues of discussion, however it is a topic most people cannot shy away from. Except you are a eunuch who has had his reproductive organs cut off or you have sworn the oath of celibacy, there is really no escaping the issues that come with relationships. Now the sort of relationships i mean here is that between a girl and a guy. They meet, most times as complete strangers to each other, then attraction builds, and voila! someone is calling someone “boo” or “baby”… funny something. Most times the transformation into “boo” or “baby” is faster than normal. You have people who have only spent 2 months dating referring to themselves in these rather “sweet” manner, cute, but scary sometimes. Now i am going to write from the standpoint i know quite well…. Poisefreak is a girl, Yes, she is. So this is really going to be from my view point and not yours,, if you have a problem with my views, i am sorry, but you didnt have to read my blog… 🙂

Girls and Boys were definitely created to function in different ways, they have different body parts, and different thought patterns as well. In very rare cases, you come across boys who think like girls, and the girls who think like boys. Now in a relationship, boy meets girl, (traditionally, boy “toasts” girl, now things have changed), he talks to her, or writes her a cute note, if he is lucky she likes him, she yields without much trouble on the boys part. However, some boys are not so lucky. These ones go through the “boy meets girl” stage, then talk and talk to the girl, almost become a stalker to the girl, girl keeps making fun of boy and makes sure all her friends know that boy is coaxing her into dating him. Boy spends the little coins he has trying to please girl and make her look his way, and then probably after one whole year of buying gifts and acting the fool, girl finally yields.

Now my question to girl who made boy wait for over a year is; Are you gonna go all in? Are you gonna let him hit that just because he chased you for a whole year?, best believe that the moment he hits that, his “investment” has yielded results, and he gon leave your ass for the other chic he was began chasing the moment you replied that text telling him you were gonna be at his house. Harsh words, but that is really the truth, (assuming you were being chased by a BOY), that is just the way boys are. You see, girls are really not that important to BOYS, all they want to do is count “trophies”. heck, i had a friend who claimed that at 26 he had done almost 35 girls, and i am sure he was only putting it mildly.

I know it seems i am trying to present BOYS in bad light; heck we have girls who have broken more hearts than my kid sister has broken plates in my house.. 🙂 But the truth is i have talked with BOYS, i have been friends with them, i have heard them talk, Sometimes i even think like them, (i ought to have come as a boy), and i know how they think. If you stand a chance of keeping that BOY’s attention because you didn’t pop that cherry on time for him, best believe you are deceiving yourself,  i’d suggest that if you are still in the process of collecting gifts (this is for young girls who might read this), please keep collecting the gifts… Do not pop your cherry for a BOY…. Fine, he might have a college degree, he might even have advanced to get a masters degree, he might have a tight ass job that pays him a good amount of money… But if he is the type that still feels he has to go out with the “Boys” instead of thinking of how to make more money to plan his future, then believe me, he is still a BOY.

Yea boys, i am not sorry for calling y’all out. All of y’all who strut about town calling yourselves Men because you have managed to pay rent at a house and are driving a car or two really need to think twice. To me, (and my opinion is mine, put your head up your ass if you hate it), what makes a BOY become a MAN is when he is able to take on responsibilities that go beyond paying for drinks for the BOYS at the local bar. You are not a MAN if you spend all your weekends at bars, drinking and groping asses of different shapes and sizes and end up spending your (sometimes) hard earned money of liquor and bitches…. You are not a MAN if you can have a girlfriend for 5 years, have a steady job and still not marry her… That chic is crazy for even waiting for your sorry ass….. If only she knew you were stalling just to have more time to be a BOY…. Smh for y’all trifling niccurs…. I respect the few MEN i have met in my life. From the one who was courageous enough to have me as a daughter, he didnt ask my mother to take pills to wash me out like some of y’all niccurs do even when y’all have good jobs that pay you well enough to start a family….. To the little ones that now know the importance of taking good care of women… To the men who have had to marry a chic because she got preggers, (that shit aint easy), but it takes a real MAN to accept responsibility when the ass he’s been hitting concedes….

So girls, really, the ball (literally) is in your court… (if you are a lesbian, this dont concern you)… Know when to start taking that BOY seriously. If he still exhibits any of the traits i have mentioned above, he may be the one for you, but he aint ready to wife yo ass…. So you got the choice of being Ruth (aboko ku), or taking the high road and helping your BOY become a man (assuming you love him and are not just with him because he has money to throw around). Above all, love yourself….. It is the love you show yourself that would determine how much love and patience you can put into loving a BOY and watching him morph into a MAN….

PS: the views expressed above are really mine… Bite me… 😀


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