Inferno: A review

I love books, i have always loved to read exciting books that sets my mind racing literally, thinking, visualizing. Creating scenery in my head, becoming one with the author….. I love books. I happened to spy a friend of mine announcing that he had read the latest work of Dan Brown, author of the greatest novels of all time, (that produced blockbuster movies in tow)…. and i thought, you have to read this. The word, Inferno, caught my attention really, because i knew according to precedence that the book would have something to do with something classical, some historical work that would now be twisted and turned and woven into a beautiful story by an almost legendary story teller. The first caption as i started to read reminded me immediately of the infamous work of Dante Alighieri, poet and writer…. The man who shared with the world his vision of hell, purgatory and paradise…… A man who for his time was not afraid to put to writing the thoughts that emanated from the actions of the people around him. As a student, i read Dante’s Divine Comedy… With special focus on Dante’s Inferno… In a way, i was able to relate with the comedy in it all…

Dan Brown’s use of words and imagery jolts the mind of the average reader to the “realness” of Dante’s work. The different references to various works of art, especially the mappa del’inferno, made my skin crawl at a point… i had made myself one with book, and as such, Brown’s use of language made my brain project the images of the works depicted in the book. I began to wonder, is it really possible that the artists who created these works of art mentioned in the book had hidden messages here and there? I have yet to see real devotion to classical works in Nigeria in my generation, so forgive me for posing this question; Do people really get as fanatical as Zoborist got with the work of Dante?.

The key message in Brown’s book cannot be downplayed. The earth is moving close to its end literally. the human race might truly be on the brink of extinction as a result of over-population. i might not know much about science or genetic research or the world population statistics off the top of my head, i can identify with the message in Brown’s book even from my city of Lagos where i reside. The continuous influx of people from different parts of the country has made Lagos a very congested state. There is a steady increase in the number of vehicles on the road, hence the steady emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere, thus contributing in no small measure to the depletion of the ozone layer. Slowly, the people of the earth are working unwittingly to destroy their home. It is quite unfortunate that in certain countries of the world, there is not much concern for the harm being done to the ozone layer, in Nigeria, gas flaring remains unchecked, and there have been no serious attention to the use of bio-degradable products in day to day activities. Ideally, it concerns the world as a whole that our planet is on the brink of disaster, but some nations in this here part believe that it is a problem to be tackled solely by her counterparts in the  western hemisphere.

Inferno brings to life the shocking state of the world today. The alarming growth in population and the evidence (malthusian theory), that the world’s population would soon be the cause of its very own peril. And as usual, Professor Langdon regals the reader with his prowess in Art history (made me start to question my choice of international relations) lool…. All in all, Inferno is a good read, for people of the world who are really interested in saving the world we know, Inferno is the book for you. It is high time we stopped living in Denial, as pointed out by Brown through Sienna Brooks, and take real steps towards saving our world.


2 thoughts on “Inferno: A review

  1. Wow is all I can say to this writeup. Love the way you related environmental issues with a mix of religion and art. Wish I could write like this.

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