Marissa’s Hell (II)


mariss“Let me flash a smile at him.. he sure cant resist me”… Omowunmi thought to herself, she had spied him from the back of the queue. He was tall, he had bulging biceps and he looked like he could carry two girls on his arms at once. Omowunmi had made up her mind to flirt with everything in trousers at camp, and no one was immune to that resolution. After standing at the back for almost thirty minutes, her feet had began to hurt as she had chosen to adorn her feet with the highest heels she could buy for camp. There is no way i am going to carry last! she had said to herself while shopping for camp, i cant be short and not try to help my matter. So as she strolled past the others who were in front of her aiming for the Adonis in front, she had made up her mind that she was going to get her way, no matter what.

She had the looks, she had the physique, God was just so unkind as to punish her with such a small stature. In every sense of the word, omowunmi was a babe. When he grabbed her arm, she had thought, “yeh, oloriburuku ni bobo yi sha, ko ni se mi lese” but quickly regaining her composure, she smiled. She had to dig very deep into her archives of smiles for this one, and she hoped with all her heart that it would work, “there is no way i am going to the back” she thought to herself.
Omowunmi heaved a sigh of relief when he finally let go of her shoulder; he looked at her like she was an alien of some sort, she could not tell what the look made her feel like really, she just felt happy that he wasn’t hauling her ass down back where she came. Trying to ease herself out of what had quickly become an awkward situation, omowunmi extended her hand, hi, my name is omowunmi, whats yours? He nodded and replied, olisa. She had never seen a guy fall that hard for her smile.. She began to worry, “se ko kin se pe mo ti so omo olomo di mumu”, she chuckled at the thought, then proceeded to thank him for not sending her to the back…
Olisa looked at the girl, what was her named again, he thought.. Oh she said her name was omowunmi. Regaining his composure, he nodded and smiled, “olisa” he had replied her when she had asked for his name. “Chai see as man just weak, this babe is hot!” out loud he said, omowunmi, you owe me new shoes oh, your heel almost ruined my shoes, not to talk of my toes underneath. One massage? he winked at her. At that point she smiled, and they began to talk about their experiences trying to get into camp.
What school did you attend? she asked him. I graduated from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University< he replied. You? I am a product of OSU she replied. He quickly racked his brain, ‘which one is OSU again ooh”, almost on cue, she continued, i studied psychology at the Ogun State University. Oh, that OSU, he thought… Nice to meet you, ha! finally, it is almost your turn, at that point, omowunmi grabbed her bag and quickly thanked him for letting her take his space. He began to bow in mock courtesy when the soldier he had encountered earlier came up to him… “i don see you finish, see as you just calm down because of woman” he said… Olisa laughed out loud, he had no idea the man had been watching him the whole time. “Oh well, whatever”, he mused, the fun had just began.
By the time he got to the table where the woman was handing out numbers, omowunmi had carried her bag on her head as the other corp members were doing, she was doing what looked like a hop and run at the same time…. Olisa chuckled, that’s what you get when you wear heels to camp, he mused.
She had seen the two of them talking and laughing, she was still trying to tell herself that this was not really happening. Seeing the soldiers, marissa almost let out a yelp. Arrgh! soldiers! she hated men in uniform. She began to call out to usman to get her bags out of the boot of the car. She was here already, there was no turning back at this point. Although she wished she could cry and beg her daddy on the phone to tell usman to bring her back home to their house in lekki, she knew he would say no. Marissa was stuck, and she was not enjoying it one bit!. She had noticed the stares when she got out of the car. “What are they all looking at” She thought to herself, as far as she was concerned she was dressed with as much propriety as she could muster. You can not go to camp dressed like this, maria the cook had said before she left the house. She had looked at her with disdain, “how dare she tell me what not to wear….” she had silently wished her dad was home when she left just so she could infuriate him with her choice of wardrobe for the dreaded day. She snapped out of her reverie; let them look all they want, she muttered to herself, i really cant be bothered.
Usman carried about three boxes out of the boot. they were all Louis Vuitton Bags, each one looking shrunken in size than the other in progression. Marissa had packed anything but light. After reading that she would have to be dressed like a prisoner for the duration of three weeks, she had made up her mind that she was going to be the most fashionable “prisoner” ever. White was never her color, and having to wear white on white for the next three weeks really did not amuse her. She was well prepared for this, I sure aint taking no chances, she muttered.
Carry the bags to that corner, she said to usman. Just as she was about to move towards the soldier who beckoned at her to come to him, he ran into her, knocking them both to the ground. He quickly got up and went to her, trying to help her up; Are you blind! marissa screamed! You just ruined my John Galliano Jacket! You clumsy fat toad! Couldnt you watch were you were going! Argggh! He was taken aback, he looked at her and watched as she screamed different obscenities at him. this was one crazy chic. As her extended his hands to help her up, she slapped his hands away; Leave me alone! she screamed and scowled at him from the ground, unlike you suffering a disability, i can walk fine, thank you!
At this point, the soldier has edged towards them, ‘wetin dey happen for hia’ he asked, madam where you think sey you dey wey you dey shout like mad woman?’ he looked at the boy, who was now scowling back at marissa, ‘wetin you do am?’ Sir, i was running down to come and meet you, i thought you called for me, she was backing me and didnt see me coming, and we ran into eachother. Its a lie! marissa screamed, he saw me!. usman was shaking his head.. ‘this madam get crase’ he mumbled under his breath. She had indeed not been watching where she was going, and she was indeed to blame. The soldier then glanced at the boxes Usman was setting down beside him. Suddenly he began to laugh… hahahahahahaha, auchi come see wetin dis one carry come camp, abeg come open am make me dey sure sey she no carry knife come camp, e be like sey dis one fit kill person. The newcomer looked at the boxes and laughed. Oya madam, carry your box come here… Usman was about to get into the vehicle when she glanced at him to come and fetch the box the man had asked her to carry. the one called Auchi barked at her, Will you carry your box on your head and bring it here! Bloody otondo! You think sey na your papa house you dey?! Marissa jumped, no one had ever shouted at her like that.
Enjoying the spectacle that was unfolding, the other corp members around began to laugh at Marissa  the boy began to chuckle behind her. She scowled at him and shouted, what is funny?! She hissed. After trying without success to heave the box over her head, the boy came to her side and carried one of the boxes. She felt embarrassed by his kindness. After the search was complete, the soldier motioned them both to the point where they were to get their numbers. Marissa, she said to him as he helped her with her bags. “not so nice to meet you marissa”, he replied as he eased onto the queue… Nah, he wasn’t talking to this chic, she was way too rude for him. Wont you tell me your name? she asked him. No, i wont, i believe i am ok with just being your valet for today, he retorted. Your nameless valet. “His diction is perfect” she thought to herself. He wasn’t a panty-dropper as such, but he sounded way better than any of the people she had spoken to since she arrived here, she mused. She quickly thought of a way to make amends for her initial behavior. She reached in her pocket and brought out a pack of mint flavored chewing gum she had brought with her from home. “You want one”? she said, thrusting the pack in his direction. He glanced at her well manicured fingers, “this chic is probably a spoiled brat” he thought to himself. Are you trying to tell me my breath stinks?, he said out loud. God, no… she replied and rolled her eyes. They moved up a notch on the queue, it was almost her turn. ‘Why is he being so darned difficult’ she thought… When she got to the counter, the woman looked at her and shook her head. ‘ki ni eleyi kosi iwo olorun’, Not understanding a word the woman said to her, marissa smiled as charmingly as she could. Next! the woman shouted. This is going to be the worst three weeks of my life, marissa thought as she pondered on how she was going to carry her box on her head like she had seen the others do…. “No way!” “Thanks for nothing dad!”she thought…. (to be continued)….


3 thoughts on “Marissa’s Hell (II)

  1. Lesson 1: never ever hand minty gums to a guy….loooooool!
    Nice….actually rlates to real life…wish my camp was this fun!

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