… Marissa’s Hell… (I)


marissaIt was a pretty good day to embark on a road trip, even though she had been dreading the coming of this day, marissa could not but admit that it was indeed a good day to be out. She glanced at the rear view mirror to peer into usman’s face. “I wonder if he loves his job”, she thought out loud. After almost a month trying to convince her dad that she had no interest in coming back to Nigeria, it seemed so surreal now that she was actually going to do his bidding after all. If he were not her dad she would have cussed him out. Are we there yet? she asked Usman who was slowly easing the car toward the bend that held the sign… Oh the sign… Yes, she saw it, another dreadful reminder that she had not been able to outwit her dad this time. Yes madam, we are almost there… Usman’s voice rudely interrupting her reverie. She remembered their argument. Dad i dont want to go… she had whined. You have to dear, her dad had replied, you have to experience what i experienced growing up as a young person here in Nigeria. Dad, havent you been reading the news lately! She had retorted… He had given her a stern look, and that was it… “I wish mum was alive” she had mumbled… he looked at her, not knowing what else to say he had continued his work on his PC. Arggh!!!! now when she thought about it, marissa wished she had been much more adamant in her argument. The sights she had seen on the journey with Usman had been all but encouraging. As they slowly got close to their destination she tugged on her jacket tightly… This is going to be the worst three weeks of my life, she thought. Madam, we are here… Usman called out to her, once more ruining her reverie. She rolled her eyes and answered, Yea Yea, i can see that. **********************

“Oga wetin be this now, how you go dey handle my bag like that? i resemble boko haram”?” The soldier glanced up at the mouth that uttered these rather rude words and let out a wild laugh… Otondo! you dey make mouth for here ba? I dey watch you… Now carry that bag of yours to that corner make the madam give you number… white foul! Olisa looked distastefully at the soldier, after a rather gruelling journey down to this God forsaken camp from Anambra state, he wasnt about to let this man in uniform hassle him. Faking a smile, he turned toward the direction the soldier had shown him, that was when he saw the car. Unconsciously, he stopped to gawk at the vehicle.. “who the hell would bring a Bentley Coupe to this dead camp?” he thought silently. He had made up his mind that he was going to wait and watch the car, just so he could see who was going to get out of it… In what almost took like forever, he saw her, she was putting on a sky blue bum short, with a pink top and a white jacket. She had a bow around her hair and she was wearing pink and black kicks… “See wetin dis one wear come camp… Yikpata don hear am”… He moved on to the section of the entrance where the woman was indeed giving out numbers. This camp go rock sha… he mused to himself, he had decided right from the day he recieved his call up letter that he was going to enjoy his stay at camp to the fullest. There were at least ten people in front of him, olisa became impatient and began to let his thoughts wander, just as he was thinking of how much fun it would be to just jump the queue and move in at the front, a dark skinned short girl came from the back and stepped on his plimsols while trying to get in front of him. Looking stunned at the girl’s audacity, olisa grabbed her by the shoulder; Babe, you no see sey person don dey here? as you short reach you no fit beg for space? The girl turned, and smiled at him. Olisa felt like someone had just poured cold water on him… The smile did it. That was the end of that “fight”…. (To be continued)…

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