Its a quiet morning… Ok maybe not so quiet, what with the constant noise from the neighborhood church in the distance.. However it is a quiet morning. It is quiet in my head. My thoughts are somewhat well arranged this morning, there is no tussle or rumble in my head for which thought should come before the other. It is a quiet morning. The most prevalent thought in my head at the moment though has to do with what my country can do for me. Yes, I am quite familiar with the popular saying, “Think not of what your country can do for you, But what you can do for your country”… God bless JFK wherever he is right now… But I think he had an inkling that there was going to be a showdown with the VietCongs… But that is for another day. I don’t have a problem with thinking of what I can do for my country. I only strongly believe that my country should be able to do something for me first.
I was on an “internet search marathon” yesterday, (as an unemployed youth the internet is now my best friend)… And of all the sites of companies I stumbled on, only a few had any openings for Entry Level Graduates. All I could see were organizations who needed applicants with more than 5years experience in some cases, the least I came across was 3years experience, and I kept asking myself, is there really hope for the “Fresh Graduate”. Then my subconscious jolted me to reality..and what I heard was:

“uh so you think there are no jobs for fresh graduates, my friend who told you not to have connections… All those your mates who have connections would probably already be sitting at an office now getting paid already sef… Siddon there dey complain, dey form internet search”

Then I sat down to ruminate on what my subconscious just told me… And I asked myself, really, what hope is there for the Nigerian youth who has no connections???. Now I know there are some people who might read this and say, “Oh can’t you see that some people are making something out of nothing?” “Go and start one small business or another” “start thinking of what business you can do” Yes, these are things I have now grown accustomed to hearing for the past weeks now, but the question is this, “Is everyone meant to be a “businessman/woman”? Indeed, “is everyone cut out for “business”? Just yesterday a guy called me and said “Ahan shey you are a UNILAG girl, why can’t you start dealing in Brazilian or Peruvian Hair and the likes”? And I had to laugh, because for someone who barely even could afford to buy “Chocolate” weavon while in school, I wonder how the dude wanted me to go about becoming a dealer in hair extensions I have never really cared about… Then he went further to say “But you are a girl now, go out there, you would get something”! It was then I understood what he was driving at…
If there is one thing I learned from my little stint in Kwara while searching for a place to serve, the world is not a friendly place for a Lady seeking a job while wanting to maintain her integrity… All sorts of sordid proposals get thrown at you, and if you are morally bereft, and need the job so bad you would do anything for it, you would end up selling yourself literally just to get a job….
Now the crux of this my thought(s) this morning is this… What is my country really doing for its youths? I read the other day that the Legislators of this great country threw out a bill that proposed to pay unemployed youths allowances… That piece of news made me sad… On a good day we need to ask ourselves, even those legislators who threw such a sensible bill out, what do they do? I mean how much work do they get done? Yet they get paid millions for doing absolutely nothing… The system is in shambles, the policies they put forth are more or less money laundering initiatives in disguise, and yet it is now an “abomination” to pay unemployed youths allowances that they actually might need just to get by!!!!
Let’s look at it this way, I know most people who might read this would go “Oh I don’t need money, I am not poor, I can handle myself” or “Stop whining and go and look for a job” Yes, you might be right to think like that, but let’s analyze a few things here….
1. Majority of the graduates being churned out of Nigerian institutions till date funded themselves through school by one means or the other, and as such one would believe that after making it out of school (with a good grade! Even with the suffering) that there would be a good job waiting to let them know their struggle was not in vain…
2. Someone might say, “But the Federal Government paid stipends while graduates underwent their NYSC programme, why didn’t you save”.. And I would give this retort, majority of the youths under most circumstances took care of their needs by themselves, no extra help from any other place, just trying to live on the 19,800 government paid for their upkeep… Now even if a corp member were to save at least 4000n every month for 12months, would that be enough to keep him/her for a life time???? Think about it!
3. Most times graduates expend all their resources on trying to get a job.. Moving from office to office, dropping off CV’s, going for interviews and getting rejected… At the end of the day you find a graduate either sitting at home useless or engaging in one vice or the other… In some cases, contemplating suicide..
Just in case you, the reader might not be clear, the scenarios I listed above do not include graduates who have rich parents or parents that can afford to keep feeding them for the duration of the time when they remain jobless… The allusions I made were to those graduates who became so out of Nothing! And at what point does the government want to step in and save these young minds from getting “wasted”!!!!
Instead of throwing Bills out, I would expect that our legislators would create policies that would realistically address the plight of the unemployed Nigerian youth! All these organizations who constantly feed on the Nigerian people and yet refuse to give back to society by employing her youths should be called to order! It is not enough to exploit the market of a nation and not give back! This issue has to be addressed…
Well, my thoughts..my thoughts… My hope is that someday soon, a legislator would actually really care, (even though his kids are abroad studying at ivy league schools) and start a crusade to rid Nigeria of this growing spate of unemployment… It is my hope that the right policies would be enacted to open up the Nigerian labor market to the challenges of the day, and create enough jobs in every sector of the economy… Let’s think of it as a way to use the man power we possess as a country to act as a fillip to Nigeria’s greatness… Till then… My thoughts are my thoughts…
Till then…

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