New Phase.. New Dilemma

… Before I begin I would like to put forward that all I am about to write is really all I have been thinking of for the past week or so.. And as such, my writing it down is as a result of the fact that I don’t know what to do with these thoughts if I let them hibernate in my head… Here goes…
It was all fun and games after P.O.P and all, from the colorful parade and passing out ceremony, to the period I spent hanging out w friends.. I must mention though that my mind had already begun to process a lot of thoughts as to what the future holds and how things would pan out… Anyways, now the fun and games are over, the real world is here, and asides from being as hot as ever (literally), the real world is certainly not smiling. To some it might be too early for someone like me to have already begun to whine about not getting a job yet (ok maybe it is too early), however, I don’t think I would live comfortably with myself if I just sit at home and say to myself “I am on holiday” or “I need rest” like I have heard some people say…
There’s a thin line between being anxious and just getting your brain to warm up a bit every passing day. Now the trend I have noticed among some young people who are in the same predicament as myself is this: most of them prefer to just “relax” believing it really isn’t the time for them to start “hustling” for a job… Well, I don’t share that sentiment. I believe it is almost even a bit too late to start searching for a job even now… Which brings me to another matter that has been bugging me of late.
During the final days to the end of my service year I couldn’t help but notice that a good number of my counterparts who hailed from the North and some parts of the south south had already gotten employment even before we finished service. In fact, most of them had to ask their new employers to give them more time before they report finally for duty as they were yet to complete their service year. Now I know someone out there would go “what is she driving at” or “what point is she trying to make” or “how does she konw the “jobs” in question are/were good and legit ones”… Well let me explain myself in this order…. 1. These jobs were/are legit, most of them in government parastatals in their home state(s), some were however employed by private individual. Furthermore, a good number of these employed ones were graduates of Engineering, mostly. 2. The point I am trying to make vis-a-vis what I am driving at is this, to a Lagosian (by residence and partial descendant) like myself, the swiftness of getting a job almost immediately after one completes one’s service year is more of a dream/miracle. Also, the fact that one is not a graduate of Engineering or another “ghenghen” course is another cause for worry.
Now my question is this, why is it that our Northern counterparts have more opportunities as graduates than those of us in the west?? I know someone would probably say “Oh, they are mostly cajoled to get an education” or “They are fortunate enough to have been graduates and so they are entitled to a job”… But don’t we all think its high time for the Federal Government as a whole to fess up and address this nagging problem of imbalance between the North and other parts of the country?
I mean, why should illiterates (in most cases) occupy certain positions where there are able minded graduates who are qualified to hold such offices? All because they are “non-indigenes”… As far as I am concerned, the majority of the people who complain that there are no jobs out there are people who have failed to apply for jobs “outside Lagos”. As the “Hub” of the nation, almost everyone comes to Lagos in search of a job thus making it overcrowded…
Personally, I would take it upon myself to look for a job outside Lagos, one that I know I am qualified enough to handle.. Maybe after I get one I would write a follow up to this blog…
However, the dilemma that comes with being a Nigerian youth who just completed the compulsory one year service to the nation is ever present.. Sometimes I just stare at the ceiling of my room and ask myself why I didn’t study one “ghenghen” course.. (I studied History and Strategic Studies).. Because it seems to all who have seen my CV all they believe I can do is Teach… No offense to teachers and the teaching profession though, I reject it as a career starter in Jesus Name.. Besides, I need a well paying job.. Bills are surely not going to pay themselves.. I can’t wait for any reward in heaven…. ^.^
LOL… I hope I would have reasons to keep laughing soon enough…. I feel better now..

NB: I might have sounded crazy with my argument about “my northern counterparts”…. And the “Lagos” bit.. But its the truth I have noticed… Feel free to state otherwise.. With facts.. Merci!

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