Witheld Allowances and a Happy Heart….

How time flies…. It seemed like only yesterday when I got on that cross country bus, with a few other green-eyed corp members like myself, on the way to the orientation camp in Yikpata, Kwara State. Now barely a month to the end of my service year, I would never have imagined that I would feel the way I feel now. My service year is indeed one I am going to remember for a lot of reasons. Apart from being a landmark (as its regarded by every other Nigerian youth) in my life as a young person, it also was a year filled with a lot of events. Within this short period of time, I met new people, discovered I could play volleyball, rekindled my erstwhile dead athletic prowess…. Fell in love, fell out of love.. Got broken hearted.. Taught a bunch of kids who knew nothing… Had to speak my native dialect more times than I have ever spoken it my whole life… I could go on and on….
Now that the “end” is almost nigh, my hatred for the scheme only increased by a notch when I found out that I would not be getting my allowance for the month I haven’t even begun to work for… Yea, January allowance gone with the wind. I would not have been so miffed with this “sad news” if the incident that led to such a stiff penalty was actually nation-wide. I still am trying to grasp the rationale behind withholding allowances for a month that has barely begun over a single query.
I would have loved to delve deeper into the rubbish that is the guideline of this unnecessary scheme, but I would not want to bore anyone who might read this… The whole incident has made stirred an anger in me… A passion for unmasking the fraudsters within this scheme.. I mean anti-graft agencies such as the EFCC ought to take particular interest in schemes such as these who cook up frivolous and rather reckless laws all in a bid to rob “workers” of their pay… Well enough ranting about that…
A part of me is quite unconcerned… I really can’t wait to finally get done with this whole experience. I have never been a social person, am quite introverted in a way, so I can not really lay claim to any “interesting events” I experienced during the duration of my service year..Neither can I say I have made any friends I am seriously going to miss. Yea, I sound like a “snob” of some sorts, but that is the way I was made… Hate it or Love it, I don’t give a granny’s false teeth..
On a rather happy note though, I’d acknowledge that the slight period of “clinical depression” I experienced has actually almost come to an end with my service year… Yea.. All stuff that came at the beginning of my service year is gone.. I mean the ones that made me feel lost even to myself.. Those things that threatened to rob me of my sanity…. Oh well… Its life.. Its how a girl grows up.. I still don’t know whether I ought to feel bad for saying and writing everything to comes to mind… I guess I’ll stop blogging the day that happens… Now am just happy to be young..not entirely wild…and free….

Peace and Love Folks… That’s all we need… NYSC -_-

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2 thoughts on “Witheld Allowances and a Happy Heart….

  1. So after un-intentionally infuriating you, sleep eluded me and I just decided to come back to where I met you certainly not where you met me sha. Anyway I am sorry once again. I can read ur blog over and over again. That is the simple truth. I guess that is enough for now.

  2. So after infuriating you, I tried to sleep but the sleep won’t just come. Am so sorry once again. I can read your blog over and over aagin. It’s just so on point. I just thought I should check once more sha. Okay, am talking too much now. Lemme go b4 I start yarning dust. Great piece

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