There is time for everything.. As much as I would like to quote the very famous book and its chapter in the holy book on this, I’d just stick to this… There is time for everything. You see, the end of the year means a lot to different people. While I am not sure how the average caucasian man or woman feels about the start of the new year, I can say a thing or two about what the African/Nigerian man or woman would feel about it.
The first general idea is that the evil things of this world stop when we begin another cycle.. While I wouldn’t blame my fellow Nigerians for this feeling with religious roots, I would say this. Nothing really changes. Particularly, when you live in a country like my dear country Nigeria, please feel something else. Nothing changes. Although now that I think of it again… Change, in this context, is relative. Things could change for the worse…. We all would never forget the grand intro to 2012…. Hopefully… 2013 would not be as “shocking” in the wake of its advent..
Here’s what I personally think of 2012…. Some people got richer… Bachelors became husbands, Spinster’s became Reverend Sisters… Pastors upgraded their fleets… Legislators debated on the same old topics (with little or no results as usual)… The bombings in the north increased… A whole lot of people died… Oh, and yes, Dana was allowed to continue their “business” after over a hundred people perished in an ill-fated flight under their auspices… Someone somewhere out there had a baby.. Some dumped theirs in the lagoon or canal (well both)… Some continued to delay the promotions of their underlings… The nefarious activities of the Nigerian Police increased as a result of BRF’s traffic laws… Enough “La-catchas” on the major roads in Lagos…. Governors died, some are still sick… There was a Country unearthed the ghosts of the Nigerian Civil War past…Accusations were made, dead issues revisited…. Nysc still posted corp members up north…. Our president is no longer clueless, only getting “fresher” at our expense… Some girl’s killed themselves over being dumped… Some guys were lynched by a community of killers… PHCN didn’t restore power on christmas day…Premium Motor Spirit (fuel, epo, petirol) is now sold at 110n per litre….
2012 in one word…… CRAYYYY ( yes it is a word :D) …. However, the spirit of the average Nigerian can not be broken easily… I hail all my people who have stood tall in the midst of this ever metamorphosing state of melancholy and chaos… We have developed thick skin and have adapted to this madness that is called Democracy in our country. We walk tall in the face of unemployment, near starvation and poverty… Nigerians I hail y’all….
I do sincerely hope though that we are not expecting some kind of miracle to take place at exactly 00:00hrs GMT, 01-01-2013.. Nothing would happen… Here’s how I see it… Some people would be in church in various places, praying and casting and binding… Some would be having quickies on the side of the road with some random human… Some would be holding clandestine meetings behind closed doors planning to break the hearts of Nigerians once more… Some would be in one club or the other dancing “azonto” or “etighi” and “popping champagne” into the new year… Some would be home sleeping… Some would not stop thinking of the fact that they’d have to resume work on the 2nd… Others would be counting the days to when their next salary would be paid…. A whole lotta things would happen… But none of ’em includes a fairy godmother waiting to change your fate, or the bad in your life turning to good… Or the tenant becoming a landlord overnight…
I would just say this… The key to experiencing real change is self examination.. Have you identified what is in you that makes everything seem like it could never get better? Have you asked yourself how much of a human being you have been to others to deserve being treated like one? The moment we realize that we are the change we seek… The better.. Till then, we’d only be groping in the dark waiting for some miracle to happen…
I wish you all a wonderful 2013….

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