The Sham that is Nollywood

I love movies, I love watching something that would take me away from reality and set me either on the road to the fallacious world of ecstasy or make me weep at the realities that life could mean. Yes, I love movies. Bollywood movies most times make me cry, I reflect on the message being passed and laugh at the funny scenes. An example of such a movie is Three Idiots.. To me this was a classic. I never could guess what was going to happen and in the end I cried because the protagonist(s) reached their individual destinations that characterized the climax of the movie… Hollywood… Gosh, where do I start? The movies churned out from this industry, well what can I say? Although I am not saying all the movies from there are good, but at least there is a standard, and most times you watch a movie and you don’t regret it. I love movies…. I watch Step Up (the franchise) and I just want to twirl and step and dance! I watch movies like Salt, and I just want to be a top CIA agent and take out the bad guys in stealth mode…LOL… I watch series such as The Big Bang Theory and I wonder why I shouldn’t read more so I can give Sheldon Cooper a run for his money because he seems to know everything! I can go on and on… I love movies….. Yet, the truth is we have critics who would find loopholes in these movies I have mentioned… And they still seem good to the “ordinary eye” like mine….


Now… Nollywood… My God! Where do I start? I can not successfully name 10 movies I have seen that I can truly say I wasn’t disappointed in what I got. I am a Nigerian yes, but I’d like to call a spade a spade and not a working tool…I see a nigerian “home video” and I want to puke. A few days ago I saw a movie, I won’t mention the title… But it had such “top” actresses as Tonto Dike in it and all so I thought, this might be good. The next thing is tonto was calling an apparently Gold Chain.. “My diamond necklace” and am like What!!!!! Are you kidding me??? Plus, there was a scene where a girl was shot point blank in the head at close range… Now am sure I know enough about ballistics for a layman to know that a shot like that would blow ones brains out.. But low and behold, 20minutes later, this same girl “woke up” and received a call telling the caller where to find her body!!!! A lot of loopholes where in that particular movie, and I was particularly disgusted by Tonto Dike’s diction… She kept talking like she had hot yam in her mouth!


My problem with Nollywood is everyone in the industry wants to be the STAR. The director would be the producer, the producer would be the special guest appearance, the same person would take the lead role! While I have no problem with actors or actresses who want to be producers and directors, I’d admonish them to find out which one they are good at and focus on it. Heck, most of these actors or actresses are not even that good! Except for a handful in the industry, I hardly believe anything I see from the “Nigerian” world of “make believe”. Instead all I can see is the loopholes and the apparent lies being woven into actions. A lot needs to be done to make Nollywood good enough to compete favorably with her contemporaries the world over.

I hope the stakeholders in Nollywood would borrow a leaf from their contemporaries (I didn’t say steal their storylines and present shoddy productions of a rather well acted story elsewhere), and see how it is really done! And for goodness sakes, perfect your acting skills before thinking you can be a director. More should be done to provide acting schools and art academies where such veterans like Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva, Ajayi Taiwo Lycett and the likes can mentor young people who really have the talent. Its appalling that you’d see someone like Omotola Jalade Ekeinde in a movie with patewo hairstyle playing the role of a secondary school girl! Nollywood… Be warned…..

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