I just stumbled on this piece of news this morning, and as usual when I get such a message, I used my google search engine to confirm this news, and low and behold, it seems the news is actually true. I broke the news to my “fellow” teachers in the staff room ( Yes, I teach) here in aboto oja, kwara state, and it seemed like when Abacha died in 1998. The first thing one of the teachers said was “ha! Thank God probably we’d get our state salary this month or next” the other teachers who were seated outside under the mango tree shouted “ha ope oooh! Who is greater than death”… And I stopped to think. I know quite a little about Kwara state politics, and am sure the death of this “Strongman” of Kwara state politics as he has been dubbed by almost all the news vendors on the internet would mean a lot of change in Kwara state.
As a serving corp member in this state, a lot of things have struck me as disturbing and abnormal. Kwara state was one of the very first stated created in Nigeria and till date, it remains one of the most “under developed”. There is no “real” development in the lives of the people, save a few fortunate ones, and almost all sectors of the “Kwarian” economy is nothing to write home about really. After several discussins with some of the people who are indigenes of this state, it is no secret that the people in the state have been suffering silently under the “power” of the Saraki family. Some might whisper it in dark corners, or in the privacy of their homes, but the truth remains evident. Else, how does one explain the jubilation and sense of relief on the part of the people of Kwara, or at least Aboto Oja…

I would like to watch and see what would become of Kwara state politics now that the man who seemed to be holding the fort for his family in power is gone. Could this be the end of the PDP in Kwara state? Or would Senator Bukola Saraki be strong enough to fill his father’s rather enormous shoes? I personally do hope the people of Kwara would take up the challenge of redeeming their home state from the power of one family. This could be the long awaited time for change… With just a few more months to spend here I look forward to the resultant effects of the demise of this “great man” May his soul rest in peace, and hopefully, may the people of Kwara forgive his family….

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