This is my blog

Its mine. Not yours, I don’t have any creative stories to tell now, I just have my feelings to put to words. Living a very complicated life, I am my own shrink. So I prescribed writing as an antidote to my occasional madness. I worry too much. However this time I am serious about worrying about myself. If God reads blogs he should read this one. I have spoken to him in all the ways I know how, yet I still don’t seem to have gotten an answer to my desperate pleas. I know its my life, nobody’s business… But this is my blog, so if you read it and feel this girl is an emotional wreck that’s your business. I never write so you can read it.
There is something about Love, I have forgotten what Einstein said about it, but I remember it being something about insanity. Now am insane, see what am writing. My mates are busy thinking of new business ideas, getting ready to be wives, living their dreams, and I am here writing my heart down and crying over a mere guy. I think Jesus was the best person that showed Love, although I don’t yet know if I want to die because of Love. I know I have potentials..I know I can be someone of value, but its all hazy to my right now… I feel like I ran my four wheel drive into a ditch and I can’t remember how to rev out of it.. Honestly, I can’t remember. Amongst other things, I am lacking focus.. I need some sort of Electro-magnetic Therapy…or something like that… Like lightning bolts that might reset my brain…
This is my blog…. I would probably keep using it to suit my mood…mind your sodding business.

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