I Speak For Myself.

I could not think up a better title for this train of thought, so I chose that one. Indeed, I speak for myself, and not for anyone one else in this galaxy or the next. There are so many things to think about, as a creation in the world, geographically placed in this continent, and a citizen of this erstwhile great country. A lot of things to think about, but I chose to think of this.
I do not have many friends, so my conclusion might be somewhat premature in its delivery, but I’d go ahead and state this anyways. Going by the little number of people I have been fortunate (and sometimes unfortunate) to meet, I now know that everyone has their own problems. (That was meant to be a joke…of course I have always known that). The difference in the problem the other man has and the ones I have is the way we deal with it. Thus the question, what exactly are your problems? I want to point out here that I know everyone who might read this scribble might rather hastily say “oh I need more money” or “I have to find a husband” or “I have to get ready to deflower a girl soon” or “I have to get the latest apparel appealing to my peers”…the list of probable answers goes on and on…. But is that really your problem? 😦 Its sad that we all fail to see what the real problem is… I was like you all once, until I discovered only so recently, the problem was Me.
Simple, isn’t it. Now most of you would think, “yea same old, we’ve read this before” or “that’s not new” or “what a boring read”… The essence of writing thoughts is not so others would be amused, or praise the writer for his/her prowess, or whatever it is you people do when you read others thoughts. The reason people like me write down their thoughts is so others may have the courage to question the train of their own thoughts! Are you really thinking the right things? Are you really concerning yourself with the things you really ought to be concerning yourselves with? Are you getting carried away by the minute comfort social networks give that you have forgotten what drove you there in the first place? I was like you all once, seeking approval in the “virtual-world”. Drowning in the endlessly growing world of handles, profile names and mostly rubbish banters… Now if I might speak for myself, and I shall, am delivered. LOL. Delievered. 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

There’s a host of problems we are called to deal with in this world. The key to dealing with them is realizing we put them there in the first place. Look at yourself more in the mirror, and ask yourself, “am I the best I could be”? And if I am the best, did I step on others dreams to be so”? Also, it is essential to know that the problems never end… I still speak for myself at this point. It is how you deal with it that determines whether you’ll live a life with the semblance of happiness, or be haunted by them forever. The choice, sadly is yours.. And don’t look at God… He gave you enough reasoning along with freewill to decide your fate..whether you use that which you were given or not is your cross to bear…. Oh by the way, happy sallah….

Good Night. 😀

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