Reflections on a Sunny Afternoon

The decisions we make in life go a long way in shaping our present and our future. The people we meet in life, also contribute in different ways to our outlook on life and in the worst cases, affect how we live our life. In my own brief sojourn here on earth so many people have affected my life in different ways. I have this terrible urge to mention one particular person who has done so much in my life than she can ever imagine. Her incursion into my life to me was an accident, to her it probably was a premeditated incident…(Although I feel it was premeditated)…she changed my life in more ways than one. My decision to allow this person feature in my life really had a cataclysmic impact on my life which at the time was happy and beautiful. There is something about happiness though, when you prey on other people’s own like a vulture hovering in the sky waiting for carcasses to peck on, your life might probably not be as happy. Like the vulture, you’d constantly wish people would accept you as a bird instead of the damned winged creature you really are…
There’s nothing graceful in scheming and lying, there lies no true happiness in stealing other people’s joy. All that you’d be left with is a semblance of what they had, you’d always be second fiddle, and you’d always be treated like the vulture. Then again, one can only speculate, the people we meet in life do have a way of affecting us. The key to minimizing this effect is by living our lives the way we’d want it to be, not by their whims and caprices…. There is joy in making the right decisions especially when it comes to people… There is real joy… Hopefully, I am the only one who knows what I am talking about…. Lol… Am sure I aint 🙂

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