There was a Country?

Hmmm, I wish I had access to the whole book at this time, but all I have to work with at the moment is the excerpt I read from the book that has become controversial as a result of some aspects of its content. Now, I know Chinua Achebe is regarded as one of the greatest literary minds this continent has produced, and all that,and I know there are people out there who have aired their views on his “attack” on Chief Obafemi Awolowo in his memor. Let’s not forget though, that it is a Memoir. Which means its his version of events, from his own point of view, and how he saw these events there mentioned from his own perspective. Now the general gist is that he should have known better than to publish such work at this crucial time in Nigerian history; my own view however is this, like the Cold war, the events surrounding the Nigerian Civil war might never really be forgotten. As a student of History, I’ll tell you one thing, there are different versions of the story just exhumed by Achebe’s memoir. The debate about who betrayed who, and who played snitch on whom remains one that would probably not just be limited to private banter anymore but probably would be discussed out on the streets after this blow out.
One must ask though, what is the rationale behind the timing of the great Achebe, releasing such a memoir now? There is no mistake in saying it is probably the first step in a number of steps in realizing the “Biafran dream”. Whether we all like it or not, people like Chinua Achebe in their own perspective were igbo before being Nigerian. And as such, continuing the blame game after over forty years really calls one to question the sanity of our so-called “leaders”. The ones we look up to, the ones who become our mentors, regardless of tribe… This country needs a change…. A break from the norm, the disgusting norm that is threatening to destroy our country. Hopefully, the youth of this country would wake up and quit idolizing people who have failed to work towards the common good of their nation, and create a Nigeria worth living in…

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