Ok, so this just occurred to me…or how do you learned people put it… It came to mind, yes… This just came to mind… The thought that spurred the creation of this write up is Wifeability…. I know this word doesn’t exist, but its a word I have decided to use because it best describes what I want to write. What makes a lady, girl, woman “wifeable”… In the process of discussing with a friend of mine, something struck me… Her spelling wasn’t so good… Most times her expression gives me the “pause” and I go, “what is she saying”…. But look, she’s married. She’s married. I who thought I could write with all the eloquence even maybe paul couldn’t touch, I can’t even keep a man! Ironic to me, and maybe the few ladies who are like me out there (God help the world if there are more of me though)… But it made me think of something, and I thought to pen it before I forget…
As much as I hate to admit it, it is a man’s world… (Yea yea… *rme*) it really is. A woman is measured by her ability to actually keep a man when she gets to a certain age. I on the one hand have always thought I could speak anywhere, say anything, talk to whoever, not minding who they were, you see, that’s what I thought made life go around… The sad and bitter truth is, no man would ever want to “wife” a girl/lady/woman who thinks she knows all…. Fine, they’d sleep with you, let you know how stupid you are with all your knowledge, and then proceed to let you know you weren’t so bright after all.. Then they go for the soft-spoken, easy going, wifeable girl who doesn’t have 10 ideas they moment they just have 1… Don’t get me wrong though, I am not saying there are no “bright” women out there who didn’t get lucky, neither am I saying its only “dumb” women who get the men… I am only saying there comes a time when a woman’s best trait is the “silent intelligence”…. If I get the best grades in school and shove it in the face of my male peers or emerge the best at work among my male peers, it really might be of no use if I make my life with “that man” the same competitive one it is with others… Hopefully someday I’ll learn the meaning of what I just conceded to…. Its a man’s world… Bleh!

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