Beautiful People…Not So Beautiful World….

The essence of existence…. Lost on Me. We have been likened to pawns on a giant chess board, (can’t recall who said that…oh well)… Yes, I think I’ll ascribe to that description.. A lot of things in the news these days, violence erupting in almost every nook and cranny of the world…except all those islands and nations whose existence I just learned of during the last Olympics…. (how I envy them)…. Anyways, a lot is happening around us, the key word here being Violence, or Violent, or both.. Oh well, who cares! I just thought of something I used to think of a while ago when I first read Festus Iyayi’s Violence…. Violence… There’s a ring to even the word itself… Violence… You see, when Mr. Nwosu was busy dealing with the aesthetics of Iyayi’s work, I wasn’t quick to understand at the time… To me, at the time it was just a book. Now, (ok maybe not just now) it is clear to me. Violence is not just when Boko Haram plants a home made bomb in a public place of worship… Its not just when the dissidents in Syria blow up themselves in the midst of an unsuspecting sea of heads…. Its not just when the rebels or which ever it was decided to blow up the U.S consulate in Benghazi…. Nope… Violence lives with us. We who feel we are untouched by the “bombings”… We spend each day bombing each others lives with our actions of violence towards each other.
No doubt we are beautiful people… Am sure the one who put us here is beautiful, so by the virtue of that fact, we are beautiful…. The real question however is this, what is the depth of this beauty?… How deep is this beauty of ours? Beauty on the surface is perhaps the most common I know… Beautiful faces, men and women, rats and snakes…(Yes snakes are beautiful -_-), dogs and cats…. Beautiful… The beauty of men doesn’t stop them from being violent to one another… The hardship we face each day, brought on by man’s inhumanity to man… The violence perpetrated on the man who can’t afford to have even a meal a day, when he works for a man whose meals a day cost the same as renting a bungalow… The same violence faced by the woman who sells food but can barely feed her family because the proceeds go to the tax collector, and the remnant to the education of her children… The same violence faced by the house boy or house girl who cleans a house that could never be his or hers in this life time…. Or even a semblance of it…. Beautiful people… In a violent world…. I don’t know of any solution to this violence… I don’t know if it would ever stop (I doubt that… Dis chess master is an artful one)… But I know we can minimize the violence by living for ourselves… Living for the next person.. Not only because you share the same last name, but because you were put here by the same one… Only then, can the violence reduce… Considering the fact that that’s an arduous task, cheers to y’all…. Me, I am in my world… Where only beautiful people exist. :p

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