R.I.P Me

Its a full moon tonight, I can see it already. I am sure somewhere in the world someone is shedding skin and becoming an animal of some sorts… My crazy imagination… Tonight though is the night for me.. Celebrating my death in the only way I know how… Writing… All the thoughts of my mind gone with the wind, sitting out here all I can think of is the death of me. I am shedding “skin” in my own way. I don’t need anyone to tell me how different things would become after this ritual I am about to undergo. There is hope though, this death is not the eternal one…. I just thought it was time to kill the Me that was bent on destroying me.. All the hopes of my life that I seemed to have forgotten in my relentless chase of the unsatisfying… They beckon from where I discarded them, imploring that I pick them up and begin to tend to them anew. So as I shed skin as I always do every year I decide to die to myself. There is life after this death, a life that I hope would be worth the death of the me that died..

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