Not so wrong… Not so right..

Society is a very weird place to be if you ask me; from the various myths of creation, and the emergence of several religious factions one can’t help but wonder who would eventually turn out to be right. World’s before this one, several light years before now, people have existed on this earth which has evolved through time… I sit here and ask myself, is there really any difference between the worlds that have existed?? One thing I have been able to agree with my mind on is the fact that it might not really be the world that changed… It is the People in the world that changed. This change in People thus resulted in the change in the world. Now I know every right thinking person with a working mind must have asked themselves the same questions I ask myself everyday. Imagine a world where there was no religion… Imagine a world where even the word “religion” didn’t exist. I have lapses in my knowledge of the scientific explanation of evolution, but I ask myself, was there ever any “Homosapiens”? Or “Homoerectus”? Is it not possible that the fossils and bone structures discovered by archaeologists and studied by scientists were probably another species of creation. Is there even anything like the evolution explained by people who decided to think out of the box??….I am digressing a bit… Back to what I really wanted to write about.
My thoughts now revolve around the “religious”. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God. I was taught to believe in God, I was born and raised to believe in God…. But this hasn’t stopped me from thinking some thoughts though…. There are people who believe in God and still kill… There are people who are “spiricoco” and yet still judge their neighbors who they feel are not “holy”… What really makes one a true believer in the Godhead?…. Famous philosophers as Socrates are remembered today not because they believed in God per se, they are remembered because of their good nature… Now, I have been one of those that strongly believe in the power of Love. You see, there is a reason why even Jesus names it as the greatest commandment to be obeyed…. Love… Love of self, Love of your neighbor. Without this, even if you are the pastor of Imam of ten churches and mosques altogether am not sure you can be guaranteed “eternal happiness”.
I find it outrageous that the same society that frowns upon women having more than one husband deems it alright for a man to have more than one wife. I have always thought that there was something wrong from the beginning…. Men destroying the essence of existence trying to fulfill their base desires…. Perhaps someday my questions might be answered… Till then I’ll never know who was right and who was wrong….

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