Nigerians Quit Abusing Twitter

At this point I’d have loved to have the opportunity to ask the brains behind the social network that is Twitter what they feel about their work at the moment. Hopefully, with such an opportunity, it’d be fitting to ask whether the real purpose for creating such a social network had actually been fulfilled or bastardized… Either way, that’s merely a wish… Now, its no news that the “Nigerian Twitter Community” has become much more than just a social network Nigerians happened to stumble upon…. While I am very happy that Nigerians, true to type, are well represented on twitter, its still disheartening that most of the folks on there portray Nigerians in bad light (not like we were good to begin with)… Its really appalling.

There’s the “twitter cabal” of some sorts that presently “rules” the Nigerian twitter community… Most of these handles and their owners have probably met one way or the other, or probably school in the same institutions, (that’s my own theory) or else why would they have almost the same pattern of tweeting (I’d have used the word thinking, but I don’t want to believe they are that shallow)… This “cabal” has turned twitter to a sort of 1789 type hierarchical arrangement, where some people believe that the number of followers you have puts you in the First Estate…among the nobles and the likes….. It is quite ironical though, that some of these individuals amount to nothing important in their real lives off this “hallowed” social network…… Well that’s a topic for another night…….

I am particularly disturbed by the spate of ridiculous shenanigans and shallow minded stunts pulled by some folks who are supposed to be gainfully employed or sitting for exams in higher institutions on twitter….. It goes to show the real problem with Nigeria as a whole…. The youth fill their heads with so much nonsense they have no inkling whatsoever of what is to become of this country….. Is it not stupid that on a monday morning a child born of parents who spent hard earned money to train him/her (assuming they did) and raised ’em in good homes, would wake up on a monday morning and tweet “I am Horny” or “40 most Bangable Chics on Twitter”?? Like my father used to say, nkan ti en fori yin ro niyen??…..

Social Networks were created am sure so you can express your mind…. Not to show how mindless you are…..

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Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.


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